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FSUIPC4.40 reduces FPS

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I have been doing some testing, there are 2 things that hreduce my fps.

1. Traffic X SP1 update (4-5 fps)

2. FSUIPC 4.40 (2-3 fps)

I cannot understand why FSUIPC reduces fps on FSX. I have fsuipc for FS2004 as well, and never so any impact. Also, even though it is installed, I have not used it to configure anything so why?


EGLL spot view default 747 parked is 20-26 fps

with traffic X SP1 14 - 20 fps

with FSUIPC 10-15 fps

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I cannot find a file with INI extension, onlt text or .dll files in moduales folder.


then perhaps your FSuipc never really started and your installation is wrong

in your Users\[****user]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX there supposes to be a dll.xml

and there has to be a line loading FSUIPC


also in your \modules folder there has to be a fsuipc.log

that shows a log of activity

if thats missing

you are not even loading fsuipc

perhaps your dll.xml is corrupted (sometimes you cannot even see this, when its a hidden bad bite or something)

and you have to - backup - first, delete the dll.xml so fsx will write a new one

TAKE CARE, this file also configures other simconnect related apps, so take a note whats in it and BACKUP

and compare the new one with the old one, to see whats missing, if any

perhaps you run a fsuipc Install again from the orininal exe, this writes the proper line to the dll.xml


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Its all there, It's my mistake, the INI file is actually the configuration file, I was looking for .INI.

Also the XML contains FSUIPC entry.

No idea why it should affect fps. Also, when I tick boxes to stop wind affects, nothing really happens, at least the joystick behaves as if nothing changed and any gusts still occur.


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No idea why it should affect fps.

By itself FSUIPC4 has a negligible affect on frame rates. Obviously it is making FSX do more things (mainly the SimConnect communications), but that is all asynchronous and it is it which suffers first when your PC is under stress, rather than FSX. It is normally the FSUIPC client programs, sharing the same PC, which may have an impact.

Check the FSUIPC4 log file -- see if there's a problem causing continuous re-connections. That will certainly slow FSX down noticeably. (ALWAYS look in the log for any of my programs if you ever suspect anything. That is what it is for.

Also, when I tick boxes to stop wind affects, nothing really happens, at least the joystick behaves as if nothing changed and any gusts still occur.

Which boxes for what weather source? Most of the weather "effects" suppression facilities in FSUIPC4 relate to facilities in its wind smoothing capabilities, where it is optionally ADDING effects in order to compensate for the suppression of those provided by FSX when smoothing wind changes.

Apart from wind smoothing and its related effects, most of the weather facilities either only operate on weather sourced from outside using FSUIPC client weather programs (e.g. ActiveSky6, but not ASX), UNLESS you check the option for changing FSX's own weather. The latter is NOT recommended, for reasons explained in the user guide, and can certainly make FSUIPC have more of an impact on frame rates than otherwise.



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thanks pete for the first bit, the second one is over my head

Which do you count as the "second bit"? Looking at the Log file? Show it to me, you don't need to understand it.

to be honest FSUIPC is over my head, even though I have a piad version for both FS2004 and FSX, I have never used it for anything

Why on Earth waste your money, then? I don't understand.

What is so complicated? You use facilities you want to use, don't use facilities you don't want to use.

is there any tips within the manual for what it can do and how to do it?

The User Guide is the place to look. It is conveniently divided into smaller sections, one on each area of use. It's also the place to browse through BEFORE paying out good money, because if you find nothing in there you want to use (or even nothing you understand) then why buy it?



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I had a look into FS2004, in the module folder there is no FSUIPC log file, where and what would be the name as seen for this file? If it is present for FS2004.


There's a DLL (FSUIPC.DLL), a LOG (FSUIPC.LOG) and an INI (FSUIPC.INI). If there's no log then FSUIPC has never been run, or you've deleted the Log.

I expect you have got Windows Explorer hiding filetypes from you because Windows treats you as an idiot. Since you are not and know you are not I suggest you use the Explorer folder options to tell Windows not to be so silly. ;-)



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I am posting the contents of modules folder.

This is a new install of FS2004, I registered FSUIPC as before, though my old setting for FS9.CFG were still there, suspect my un install of FS2004 did not remove the old FS9.CFG, if that can cause an issue, else, I don't see why there is no log file, I did some time ago delete it but will it not make a new one?

what should I do?



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I don't see why there is no log file

There's one there!!! It is one of the files which Windows Explorer is hiding the extension for. It is one of those starting with "FSUIPC". What do you think they are? Can you not see them? Take a longer look!!!

Please please please uncheck that horrible "hide extensions for known file types" option, which you even showed in your pictures, or else learn what filetypes Windows decides are "known" so you will also "know" them!

:-( :-( :-(


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