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Panel_ID isn't a number?

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Hello again,

With the CaptainSim C130 I have the problem, that the GPS isn't panel 3.

So, following your advice I wanted to assign it via Panel_ID, whta worked with other addons perfect.

But CS has following code:










You can see, that ident isnt a number, but called "GPS_PANEL"

How can I assign it in this case?

Thank you!

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You can see, that ident isnt a number, but called "GPS_PANEL"

Yes, all the default panel types have names. Here's an almost complete list:

MAIN_PANEL                        0
MAIN_PANEL_ALT1                    1
MAIN_PANEL_ALT2                    2
MAIN_PANEL_ALT3                    3
MAIN_PANEL_ALT4                    4
MAIN_PANEL_ALT5                    5
MAIN_PANEL_ALT6                    6
MAIN_PANEL_ALT7                    7
MAIN_PANEL_ALT8                    8
MAIN_PANEL_ALT9                    9
THROTTLE_PANEL                    10
RADIO_STACK_PANEL                 50
COMPASS_PANEL                     75
MINI_CONTROLS_PANEL               100
ANNUNCIATOR_PANEL                 125
ANNUNCIATOR2_PANEL                150
IFR_MAIN_PANEL                    175
COLLECTIVE_PANEL                  200
GPS_PANEL                         225
OVERHEAD_PANEL                    250
PARKING_BRAKE_PANEL               251
FLAPS_TRIM_PANEL                  252
FUEL_PANEL                        253
ELECTRICAL_PANEL                  254
TRIM_PANEL                        255
LANDING_GEAR_PANEL                256
MISC_POPUP_1                      260
MISC_POPUP_2                      261
MISC_POPUP_3                      262
MISC_POPUP_4                      263
MISC_POPUP_5                      264
MISC_POPUP_6                      265
MISC_POPUP_7                      266
MISC_POPUP_8                      267
MISC_POPUP_9                      268
MISC_POPUP_10                     269

Alternatively, when the panels aren't selectable using the Shift 1-9 (PANEL_1 to 9) controls, there's usually an icon some place on screen to toggle them. If you enable "Event" logging in FSUIPC's options, then click the icon which operates the panel, you'll see the data logged. For the standard GPS_PANEL control it looks like this:

292078 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66506 (0x000103ca), Param= 225 (0x000000e1) PANEL_ID_TOGGLE

The parameter gives the ID, 225 in the case of GPS_PANEL, confirming the value for it in the list.


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