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!2= !3= !4= ?? v4.435 editing my ini

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uptill the latest update v4.435 I could do comments behind a ";" on a seperate line

and would allow for empty lines

with v4.435,

I get a "!1" ("!n") before any line starting with a semicolumn

and Fsuipc tries to 'cleanup' empty lines

is this on purpose? or something in the General section preference?

does the exclemation prefix do something / is meant for something?

though a bit of a chaos, I'd rather prefer my old way, that allowed empty lines & I could better keep track of changes by commenting the section

my INI:



!2=;//P0 Saitek Yoke 1-20 23-51

!3=;SPOT views

!4=;VC 0-view

1=CP(+Y,8)Y,0,K189,8 ;minus








9=CP(+Y,8)Y,0,K32,10 ;ctrl space

10=W0366=1 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C65550,0 ;1x

11=W0366=1 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C66530,0 ;66530 EYEPOINT_RESET

13=W0366=1 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C65655,0 ;ZOOM_IN 65655

14=W0366=1 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C65655,0 ;ZOOM_IN 65655

15=W0366=1 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C65655,0 ;ZOOM_IN 65655

16=W0366=1 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C65674,0 ;VIEW_FORWARD 65674

17=W0366=1 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C65674,0 ;VIEW_FORWARD 65674

18=W0366=1 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C65674,0 ;VIEW_FORWARD 65674

19=W0366=0 CP(+Y,10)Y,0,C66530,0 ;66530 EYEPOINT_RESET

23=RY,2,C65656,0 ;ZOOM_OUT 65656

24=RY,3,C65655,0 ;ZOOM_IN 65655

25=CR(+Y,8)Y,4,C65607,0 ;65607 ELEV_TRIM_DN ;CP(+Y,8)Y,4,K53,9 ;shft 2

26=CR(+Y,8)Y,5,C65615,0 ;trimUP ;CU(+Y,8)Y,4,K53,9

27=;CP(+Y,8)Y,5,K54,9 ;shft 6


29=CR(+Y,9)Y,4,C65607,0 ;65607 ELEV_TRIM_DN

30=CR(+Y,9)Y,5,C65615,0 ;trimUP

31=CR(+Y,10)Y,4,C65607,0 ;trimDown

32=CR(+Y,10)Y,5,C65615,0 ;trimUP

!5=;miniPANEL in mode9 PANEL_HUD_NEXT 66404 PANEL_HUD_PREVIOUS 66407



!6=;PAN_LEFT 65671 PAN_RIGHT 65672





39=PY,8,K120,8 ;mode1

40=PY,9,K121,8 ;mode2

41=PY,10,K122,8 ;mode3

42=PY,14,C66389,0 ;TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT 66389 //24=RY,14,C65896,0 ;AP SPEED

43=PY,15,C66389,0 ;TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT 66389 //25=RY,15,C65897,0 ;AP SPEED




or am I missing something




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uptill the latest update v4.435 I could do comments behind a ";" on a seperate line

and would allow for empty lines

Yes, but the problem with those is that such lines do not conform to the INI file formatting, so in any improvements I make to the way the file is handled would get them lost completely. They just don't exist as far as the PrivateProfile system is concerned (the INI file is handled using that Windows API).

To counter this, in the performance improvements I've now made to FSUIPC's handling of the INI files (for quicker loading and saving), I deliberately pre-process the INI file and precede any lines which would otherwise get lost with "!n=" prefixes. They have to be numbered so that you don't get more than one the same in any section. This method makes the lines a true part of a real INI file, but the ! prefix stops confusion with active lines.

and Fsuipc tries to 'cleanup' empty lines

The completely empty lines are lost too, yes, sorry, but I did think it looked silly having loads of lines like "!n=", and I think they'd probably get lost too.

I'd rather prefer my old way, that allowed empty lines & I could better keep track of changes by commenting the section

The INI file format, at least for the [buttons] sections, has allowed for comments to be retained for a long time, but, as documented, these have to look like part of the INI structure. The way to do comments always was


where "n" kept its place in the ordering of the Buttons parameters. That was when FSUIPC used to always erase and re-write the complete section in numerical order. Now that is doesn't do this, the ordered numbering isn't really warranted, but you still need some sort of xx= prefix. For a "blank" line I'd recommend something like


with no text following. But better organisation/separation would arise from something like


or similar, don't you think?



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