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Sending "On-Off" Values via EPICINFO

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I have understood how to feed decimal and hexadecimal values generated by hardware via EPICINFO into FS9. This helps e.g. in setting frequencies via rotary knobs.

E.g.: I would have FSUIPC_WRITE_1=X4,2,0C4E in my EPICINFO.CFG and send the value from inside EPIC with the command nqw(SetX4, rvar_CRS_L) - rvar_CRS_L being the rotary variable for the OBS.

Now I would like to know how I deal with inputs that do not require a certain value (such as the OBS requires a value between 0 and 359 for degrees) but with On/Off situations such as a toggle switsch for the NAV/COM swap.

I understand that with EPICINFO we are limited to 64 axis for variable values. Do I have to "waste" one of those precious axis just for a toggle switch that only knows two settings (On and Off)?

For the offsets to swap NAVs/COMs I read:

Offset: 3123 Bis: 1 Commentary: Radio Use/Standby swap toggles, Write bits to operate toggles.

Don‘t bother to read it, there‘s no meaning to anything read.

2^3 COM1 swap

2^2 COM2 swap

2^1 NAV1 swap

2^0 NAV2 swap

I know that Pete has not dealt with EPICINFO for quite some time, but maybe there is another cockpit builder out there who could send me his EPL and his EPICINFO.CFG.

Best regards


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Allright, does anyone out there has an example of an EPL-file and an EPICINFO.CFG? I have to admit that I cannot do by the EPICINFO-manual alone.

Buttons are not programmed via EPICINFO. The buttons need configuring in the EPIC, to look like normal joystick buttons -- you can gave 32 on each joystick number, and the EPIC can be configured to provide up to 16 joystick numbers (well the ISA one could -- the USB one was a little less I think).

When the buttons are programmed correctly in the EPIC, you will see them in Windows' "Game Controllers", and in FS's Control Assignments, and in FSUIPC's "Buttons and Switches" tab, and you can then assign them as needed, even differently for each aircraft if you use FSUIPC's aircraft or profile-specific facilities.

I'm sorry, but I cannot advise you how to program the EPIC any more -- I've not only forgotten most of it, I don't even have the documentation. It will be quicker for you to look it up yourself, or contact EPIC support.



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