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One Second Pauses

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Hi Pete,

Having given up on FSX for flying heavies, namely Level D's 767, I have dusted down FS9. For FSX, I had created an EFIS config in FSUIPC for my goflight EFIS and so having bought FSUIPC for FS9 I wished to transfer this config over.

After registering FSUIPC in FS9 I started to get a very clear and regular pause every second. As soon as I unregister FSUIPC by deleteing FSUIPC.key, the pause goes away.

Interestingly, if I uninstall my goflight software, the pause also stops. So there does seem to be something going on with the way FSUIPC and Goflight interact. I have also changed aircraft and location and the pause still occurs. It can even be seen at the main screen as the aircraft rotates in create a flight.

The problem does not appear in FSX.

I have lots of goflight hardware including the MCP PRO, EFIS, RP48 x2, GF-T8 x2, GF-P8 x2. GF-TQ6, GF166A x3, GF46, SECM. GF-LGT so I don't know if thay may be the problem.

My system is:

Intell Skulltrail at 4Ghz

XP 64bit


TrackIR 3

Saitek Pro Yoke & Throttles


Goflight 1.81

I hope you can help with this as I'm tearing my hair out with it :D

Best wishes


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Solved the problem. For some bizare reason my computer date was the 2nd May. Changed it back todays date and the stutter has gone!

If that date was before your purchase of the FSUIPC Key, then that would look like an illegal or pirated registration, and would in turn make FSUIPC's service to the GoFlight modules erratic. They might then be attempting to renegotiate the connection to FSDUIPC in order to operate. Sounds like they do it on a one-second retry loop.



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