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I am interested in this as well.

I have a unit coming from Seattle Avionics that I plan to use for real world flying. I purchased FSUIPC (for GPSout) and WideFS to connect to FSX via the network. I'm pretty sure I will get it to work but I have not received the unit yet from Seattle Avionics.

I'd love to hear from others who may have attempted to hook up realworld units to FSX. Anyone try....

- Seattle Avionics

- ChartCase by Flightprep

- Garmin 696/695

- King's AV8OR

- VistaNav

- AnyWhere Map

- Others?


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Here are my 2 cents or actually 22 euros, as I needed to buy a second bluetooth dongle to study the sentences stuff with Hyperterminal first: NMEA output from HI406-BT GPS receiver and output from Flight Simulator generated from default gpsout.ini.

BendixKing AV8OR Handheld,

gpsout.dll and Bluetooth

First you need to define a custom Bluetooth Incoming COM port - Windows gives the port number, description field may remain empty. The COM ports exclusive to AV8OR are of no use - these are used for phone connection.

You can find Bluetooth settings from Control Panel:

Navigate to COM Ports -tab:

Add an incoming COM port:

Windows will go through "New hardware found" -procedure.

Write down the number of COM Port you created.

Reboot your computer - the new COM port driver is activated after reboot, although it is shown in the Device Manager listing.

When connecting AV8OR for the first time it's necessary to have Discovery on, so AV8OR can find your computer.

The Bluetooth COM ports are displayed in the Device manager even if the Bluetooth dongle is not connected - I think this means that gpsout.dll is not affected if the bluetooth USB dongle is not connected.


;According to HI-406BT Bluetooth GPS-receiver (AV8OR can use this device as position data source over bluetooth)
;User defined COM-port, Incoming - device initiates connection (Windows Control Panel - Bluetooth - COM Ports)
; your COM port number will be different as windows assigns the number
;Bluetooth COM-port default speed:
; Just in case 

Run Flight Simulator, once up and running, turn AV8OR on. Go to its Bluetooth section, and establish connection to the "Standard serial over bluetooth" service on your computer.

Now "Go Fly", and from settings select Bluetooth for position source with NMEA. Note that bluetooth for wxdata and traffic must be disabled / turned off.

AV8OR should now pick up position data from FS.


PS! You should be able to connect a NOKIA mobile phone (Nokia maps, Google maps, Sportstracker) to simulator this way as well.





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