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Reading Autopilot Offsets from PSS757

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i try to read the AP HDG Bug setting in my PSS757

...What i', doing wrong?

If your code works okay with the default aircraft, then it means the add-on aircraft implements its own autopilot and therefore handles its own heading bug. Many sophisticated add-on aircraft do such things, including LevelD and PMDG aircraft.



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Is her absolutely no way to read this Values ?

If that aircraft uses FSUIPC then it might store the values in FSUIPC private offsets. But even if they do, unless they openly publish them, there's no way to know where they are without hacking into their code. The same applies to PMDG aircraft. Level D, however, do provide an SDK for theirs.

You might find folks who know more about that particular aircraft over in their support forum.


It occurred to me that the PSS757 might, just possibly, be using Local named gauge variables ("L:vars"). If so, then you might be able to read the values from them in a little Lua plug-in -- L:var access facilities are available in both FSUIPC3 and FSUIPC4 now (get the latest updates from the Updates announcement in this Forum). You can find out initially in one of two ways:

1. Assign a button or keypress to the "List local panel vars" control which you will find in the assignments drop-down now, or

2. Install the Log Lvars Lua plug-in into the FS Modules folder, and run that by assigning a button or keypress to the resulting Lua Log Lvars control.

The latter has the advantage of providing an on-screen listing.

If you can read the values you need this way, then the Lua plug-in can copy them to the free user Offsets (66C0-66FF) for your program to access.



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