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FSInn, FSX, FSUIPC, and Error #12

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I recently loaded Win7 64 bit on a new drive, then loaded FSX (w/updates), reloaded FSInn/CoPilot (latest ver), reloaded latest ver of FSUIPC, and some add on aircraft (PMDG 747, Cap Sim 757, QualityWings 757, etc.). The Captain Sim and QualityWings 757's run fine until I load up FSInn (remote or local), then FSX runs for about 5 minutes and then it freezes and crashes. The problem is related to FSInn because everything runs great until I try to go online with FSInn. I have researched this problem with no joyany ideas where to look? I have read and followed Larry James posts with no luck. I thought I would switch to SB4, which works fine, except I can't see any other online aircraft.

Here is is the error: "FSUIPC error #12 FSUIPC_ERR_SENDMSG, error sending message to FSUIPC."

Help is appreciated... :)



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OKneed to add that the FSX w/FSInn only has a problem with the CaptSim and QualityWings aircraft (both 757s). PMDG 747 & B1900, LVLD 767, and any stock aircraft perform just fine. I have not tried my Wilco/FeelThere aircraft (CRJ). What is it about the two addon aircraft that FSInn (or FSUIPC) doesn't like? Is it a setting I'm missing? :(

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Here is is the error: "FSUIPC error #12 FSUIPC_ERR_SENDMSG, error sending message to FSUIPC."

What program gives you this message, and what actually crashes FS? If the number 12 is quoting the standard FSUIPC interface error number in the program concerned, then it simply means that the "SendMessageTimeOut" call, used to send requests to FS's main Window, timed out (i.e. failed) on several retries. This call should only be used by External programs, not internal DLLs or Gauges, so it is likely that after FSInn (or FSCopilot, which I think it uses?) somehow caused FS to crash, an external program (EXE) you are running simply could not talk to FS because it had crashed.

If this is the case, and it sounds like it, then the true culprit is not the one suffering Error #12.

I don't think either FSInn or FSCopilot use FSUIPC. You need to refer your problem to FSInn support.



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Thanks, Pete. I actually temporarily solved the QualityWings 757 aircraft problem with an ignore line in the fsx.cfg so that FSInn doesn't see that addon. The downside is that my aircraft shows as a Cessna to other flyers on VatSim. I can fly now with no crashes.

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