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A Special Thanks

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Hello Pete

Just thought I'd drop in here briefly while 'MakeRwys' is running in the background...

I run as many external FS applications as possible on a networked PC.

Without your applications, I wouldn't be able to do that.

Very many thanks Pete

That's all!

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Thank you for your appreciation of my work!



Hey Pete... Talk about timing.... Seems I've just 'stuffed' my FSUIPC/WideFS installs :blink:

After reinstalling Win7x64, FSX and all my addons, I've now got no comms between FSUIPC and WideFS between the two PCs

FSX reports 'waiting for connection'.

I'm gonna be cheeky here Pete and just ask rather than plough through the docs again... ( I just got finished reading 4 other manuals & my head hurts :blink: ) Is there a common mistake when networking? It's been a long time since I installed them originally and can't remember setting it up.

Here's what i THINK is relevant:









WideFS 6.78




















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Ha, ha!

...and guess what? I've just discovered my 'USER' backup DVD is corrupt. So, apart from a shed load of other stuff, it also means about 4 years worth of FSUIPC config data setting gone :o

Hey Pete

After re reading what I put, never mind. It sounds like I'm taking the p*** and I don't like that.

I've just re printed all FSUIPC related manuals and take them off to bed.

Don't tell the wife though will you :oops:

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Here's what i THINK is relevant:

The main thing is to make sure all PCs are in the same WorkGroup. Don't take it for granted that they are. If they are you DON'T NEED ANY INI FILES. The defaults WideFS generates will suffice.

This only applies if all PCs are on XP, Vista or Win7, mind. If you are still using Win98 or (horrors) WinMe, then you have to add parameters to the Client INI file.

Here you say:

WideFS 6.78



but you don't say what file it is. WideServer.INI or WideClient.INI?

If Server you do NOT need the



If client then if you have that line for some reason, then you MUST also have the Protocol specified!

These things are in the first few lines of the User Guide section called

Configure your Network . There's no large manuals to read, just a couple of paragraphs, pointed out by red text!! Much faster, in fact, than posting here and having to read the reply some hours later!

In future, if you have a problem please show the LOG files which are always much more important than the INI files (which normally contain only defaults which of course I know). Also, for WideFS, always remember there are TWO ends to a connection, so showing details about one end only is half the story, and an unknown half if you don't even say which it is!



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Oh bugga!

Sorry you had to respond to that Pete. I'd hoped I'd get back in here 1st.

you're just too darn quick for your own good you know :wink:

I sussed pretty quick afterwards... When I reinstalled win7, I forgot that I'd previously renamed the 'workgroup'!

Thanks again though

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