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FSUIPC with Saitek yoke right banking tendency

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Hi Pete,

I'm not sure if I should post to FSUIPC but wanted to ask if for assistance. I am using the Carando Bonanza with Saitek yoke and rudder. I noticed the airplane likes to roll to the right and I need to fly with left aileron during cruise. I created a dead zone with aileron and elevator but the roll still occurs. I am using flightline T kx525 attitude indicator. Is there something in FSUIPC to control the right banking tendency, feels like a car out of alignment.



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Hi Keith,

If the roll would have been to the left I would have said that you might have single propeller torque effect (I don't own the Bonanza, what direction does the prop turn, clockwise?).

Have you checked the manual of the Bonanza if there are settings like that? Have you made changes to the reality settings of FSX?

The torque effect is usually corrected by using aileron trim.

There are a number of reasons why this might be. Otherwise FSUIPC, if no modification to the axes were done should not be the reason.

Have you checked everything from rudder trim to joystick calibration and Saitek software settings?

I have the same hardware and software here and no problems at all. Once my rudders were not going back to the 0 position causing a roll but I loosened the pedals and recalibrated and then it was gone again.

If you are a registered user of FSUIPC go the axis settings and make sure that nothing is set there and in the joystick calibration section turn off (reset) all settings.


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Silly question, but FS handles fuel imbalance appallingly.

What happens if you burn fuel from the other wing tank first?

We've had this problem with a number of aircraft that have fuel tanks in the wings that the imbalance makes them roll, no matter how much trim is applied and no matter how small the imbalance is - although the amount of roll depends on the amount of difference between tank contents.

Ian P.

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Have you checked everything from rudder trim to joystick calibration and Saitek software settings?

Checking the trim settings should be first -- I've seen quite a few incidents like this where one of the lesser-used trims was way off. Easiest way to check is to save a flight and look in the FLT file. Search for



If they are not zero, make them so in the File and reload: see if that helps.



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