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Fatal error with fsuipc


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Hi all,

I've bought the last version of fsuipc, but I 've got several problems, hope some one can help me to solve them.

First of all after I've installed it this message appears when I start fsx:

Error: Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program ( add - on ):

Name: FSUIPC4 DLL: FS new universal IPC interface

Version: 4.57

Company: Peter Dowson

File: Modules\FSUIPC4.dll

Do you want to run this software ( not recommended) ?

Now if I click yes I've got a fatal error and fsx crashes. I have to click yes several time befor It runs fsx.

If this happen, I start a flight and i go into fsuipc , then I click on button + switches and I start to configure my joystick but after a few assignements fsuips doesn't recognise anymore my joystick. Than I close fsx but every time I start it again I 've got a fatal error and I have to delete everything from the module folder in fsx and start all over again.

I dont think thisi is normal, so what should I do?


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You're actually not using the latest version of FSUIPC - by quite a way. :)

The first thing to try is downloading and installing version 4.6 of FSUIPC from here: http://www.schiratti.com/dowson - your registration details will work fine with this version, they're valid for all 4.x releases.

You'll probably also want to download the latest update to that, 4.645, which is available from the downloads section of this support forum, here: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules-19th-december-2010/

See if that helps and let us know how you get on, please?


Ian P.

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