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Is this possible in FSUIPC?

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Hi everyone,

This is what I want to be able to do:

- I want to use 2 Saitek Pro Flight Yokes together

- I want them set up so that if there is no input coming from a yoke, it is ignored. What I mean is, if I leave one yoke in the perfectly central position (ie no elevator OR aileron deflection), I want it to NOT send signals to FSX and I want the other yoke to do the work. This is done to prevent clashing inputs.

- I don't want to use both yokes at exactly the same time, it is one or the other.

- Both yokes will be plugged in at the same time (but, as per the above line, not USED at the same time).

I have FSX SP2, and registered FSUIPC at my disposal. Is this achieveable?

If you didn't understand the post, please say, and I will provide more information,

Kind regards,

Jack :smile:

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Hi Jack,

Pete is away at the moment but I can answer your question as I also use two Saitek Yokes.

FSUIPC has facilities to do exactly want you want. In fact it can do better than what you want because it allows you to actually use the two yokes at the same time. The largest moving deflection of the two yokes is sent to the flight sim.

To use this facility you need to assign the axes of both Yokes in FSUIPC (on the Axes tab). Assign them both to "Direct to FSUIPC Calibration" and select the correct axis (ie, Elevators and Ailerons). Then you just calibrate the axes as normal on the calibration tab of FSUIPC.

You must also make sure that the yokes are NOT assigned in FSX itself.

For more details on how to use the tabs see the FSUIPC user guide, especially the section called "Axis Assignments".


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