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Landing Gear Offset

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I am trying to implement the Landing Gear offset that is used as an example in the FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users Guide. Basically, I do not want to allow the landing gear to be retracted while the aircraft is on the ground. This is my first attempt to set any offsets. Therefore, for now, I am trying to stick with one of the more basic offsets that I want. However, I am not having any luck making it work. Hopefully, someone can send me in the right direction.

First off, I have read the Advanced Guide thoroughly and I followed what I thought was the correct syntax to get this to work. Following the example and editing it for my application, I added this offset condition to the buttons section for my aircraft.

14=W0366=0 P3.0.C66079.0

Joy#3 But#0 is a controller that is not actually there, because I am actually using an axis on my throttle quadrant to operate the gear. However, axes are not buttons, so I think I need an emulated button to make this offset work, which is what I was trying to create. However, when I ran FS to test it, the offset did not work. I returned to edit the fsuipc.ini file again and I had <<Error 20: Line Ignored>>. Obviously, from the Error code 20, there is a syntax error on my part, but I am not sure what I did wrong. Can someone spot what I did wrong and enlighten me please?



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Possibly a bum steer, but I'm controlling the undercarriage on a quadrant lever by using "ranges" on the Axis Assignment screen - by setting the lower arc from 0 to just under half way, then the upper arc from just over half way to maximum and using a control sent on range entered of "Gear Down" or "Gear Up" respectively.

That doesn't answer your offset question, but it might be something else to play with, if you can send custom commands using ranges rather than just selecting from those in the default controls list?

Apologies if that doesn't help at all, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Ian P.

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Thanks for the fast reply. Actually, I have ranges set up as well. I am really just using this offset example to learn from so that I can set up some other offsets that are similar. Plus, it's not a bad one to have setup just in case you accidentally grab the wrong lever. :shock: , oops, bad day! lol...

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