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Disable FSX Menus

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I know that it's not possible to disable FSX menus via 32F0 offset.

My question is:

Is there any other way to do it ? (via another offset, I don't know)

Not via FSUIPC, no, not at present.

I'll certainly look again to see if I can re-introduce the facilities in FSUIPC4, as far as possible compatible with those in FSUIPC3. But I seem to remember that it isn't easy. FSX doesn't appear to use the standard Windows menu systems which I intercepted in previous versions. I'd have to dig into it a bit.


Ugh! I looked and remembered then exactly why I removed the stuff in FSUIPC4. All of the Menu stuff in FSX is handled through a construct called "IME" (Input Method Editor), and I just can't get into it to intercept anything, let alone change what it displays. Sorry. I remember now, I spent a week on this originally, working all hours, and got no where. I don't want to re-visit that I'm afraid.



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Well, i'm going to think another way to avoid the fuel to be change by the user ...

For that you could try simply reading the fuel levels and re-writing them if they change by any unreasonable amount between two reads. You can do that from an application program or even more efficiently with a Lua plug-in.



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