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FSUIPC and Captain Sim 727

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Hello josbati,

I've moved your post from the FAQs forum to support forum. If you post in FAQs there's a very high chance that your post will be missed by Pete when he visits next.

I presume that you are using FS9, but before anyone will be able to give you useful support, can you please check (and post) exactly which version of FSUIPC you are using? For preference, it's best if you install the latest dll file from this downloads thread: http://forum.simflight.com/topic/66139-updated-modules/ as well.

If you can do that, Pete should be along shortly with much more useful knowledge than I have!

Ian P.

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Hi, when the FSUIPC is a registred version, the CAPTAIN SIM 727 (LEGENDARY 727) SOUND DONT WORK IT, why?, what change in the fsuipc.ini?

Nothing to do with the INI file. But if merely registering FSUIPC makes things stop working there are only three possible reasons:

1. The key was purchased in 2010 or 2011 and you are using an old version of FSUIPC. You must use version 3.98 or later for FS2004, or 4.60 or later for FSX.


2. The PC's system date is incorrect and is set to some date before your purchase date of the FSUIPC key.


3. The key you are using is an illegally pirated one which should certainly not be used. In this case I'd like to know where you got it, please.



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