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Weather update

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Hello Pete

When weather update results to flickering.

In 3-D panel panel at the upper cloud or on the horizon.

I write the weather at 0xC800

DWORD FSUIPC::weatherToFSUIPC(_NewWeather* w)
	DWORD dwResult;
	return dwResult;

with AS v6.5 too.



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How can I stop this flickering?

Good question. A well known FSX (and FS9 before it) phenomenon. It can also happen with FS's own downloaded weather.

You could try asking the ActiveSky folks, but I expect they regard it as a trade secret. They seem to have managed to pretty much eliminate it in ASE. Still occurs occasionally. I think they try to set the weather stations ahead of the aircraft so the local ones don't change so much whilst you are near them. But I'm not sure. You could try weather logging to see what happens, but it produces a lot of data to wade through! ;-)

Have you tried setting the weather as "Pending" and then activating it when you've set enough surrounding weather stations? Or using the NWF_SECONDS flag and the "seconds" value to get the weather morphed in more slowly?


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I've tried almost everything. Even with Clear WX, this problem occurs.

I call you if I have found the error.

The actual error is really in the weather graphics implementation in FS, the way they tried to bland or morph the changes. It was the same in FS9, and in ESP. I don't know if Lockheed-Martin have yet fixed it in Prepar3D.

I'm pretty sure that the answer will be in technique -- but ActiveSky did a *lot* of work on this Check ASE.



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The flicker is only recently with my program created "FSrealWX".

But you said "with AS v6.5 too"?

I do not know what I changed.

Could it be video settings, in the video driver or in FSX? Display / Weather? Settings like cloud quality and distance affect these things too.

About SimConnect is to see no flicker.

Sorry, I don't understand this bit.



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If you address FSX through SimConnect in a normal manner you will always get the flickering due to SimConnect. So FSX weather, ASv6.5 weather, REX weather, ASE in Standard Depiction Mode weather. We have used an enhanced mode of addressing SimConnect when ASE is in Smooth Cloud or DWC Depiction Mode and we are not going to share how that is done, sorry.

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