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Pete - I've been simming since '86, an IT (Solaris/True64) SysAdmin for darn' near fifteen years, same age as you, and I just had to pop in here and tell you just how much I appreciate your product and your dedicated and superbly patient support of it.

I've been a "do-it-your-selfer" for years, having built my own controllers and cockpit using a number of differing USB panels, and I can't think of a single more valuable addition to the sim that I have purchased, and you might chuckle, but prior to Jahman finally persuading me to "just run everything through FSUIPC" a few months back - I used stupid dos script after dos script to control just about everything that talked to the sim (still have one or two kicking around)... Now it's fully the reverse.. your product controls and calibrates everything. Unbelievable!!

Thank You,

All the very Best,

Paul J.



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It's probably worth adding here that I don't think many people realise quite how often, during the day, you visit the forum to do support Pete...

For those who don't, I'm stuck at home 24/7 at the moment, so am checking the forums regularly for spam and posts that need moderating/moving to the right place. It's very rare, even when I check in the early hours of the morning, that anything in the FSUIPC forum hasn't already been responded to.

Thanks for making my job easier, too, Pete!

Ian P.

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