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Problem with dual joystick buttons

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Good day Pete,

I have thoroughly searched the forum and documentation but cannot find the explanation to this problem. I must have overlooked something very basic - please tell me what...

I use a Pokeys 56U as a virtual joystick. It is indeed recognized by FSUIPC as J/S 1 and I can assign FS controls to its buttons (actually iFly offsets with iFlytoFSUIPC).

When I activate any of these buttons, the desired function is indeed performed, BUT ALSO, simultaneously, the function assigned to the corresponding button on my physical joystick J/S 0. It took me a while to understand why starting the APU should extend the flaps!

Note that the reverse does not apply. In my example, dropping the flaps from J/S 0 leaves the APU alone.

Is it necessary to only use on J/S 1 button numbers that do not exist on J/S 0?



FSUIPC 3.99, FS9, XP

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Forgive me for jumping in but I have a similar setup. When you connect the PoKeys card FSX will automatically assign some 'default' joystick button actions to it. If you go into the FSX controls menu and select the 'Virtual Joystick' you can delete these actions and all will be well.

Hope it helps,


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FS9 allocates a standard set of controls to any and every "joystick" device it finds, whether it's actually a joystick or not. It's not a copy of another set of assignments as such, it's a standard set that are applied to devices

The classic one to note is when your toe brakes control pitch and yaw and you have a load of buttons assigned that don't exist, as soon as you plug rudder pedals in!

Ian P.

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