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Problem with offset 0658 and Prepar3D

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While offset 0658 4 bytes (icao) works ok in fsx, in prepar3d returns empty.

The facility relies on a SimConnect function which doesn't work very well, so it is defaulted off. Add (or change) "GetNearestAirports=Yes" to the [General] section of the FSUIPC4.INI file. However, it rarely provides the actual airport you are sitting on, and sometimes not others nearby. It is SmConnect which is buggy in this area.

After the facility was implemented I did get some hacked information from Daniel van Os which led me to a table inside FSX which contains the correct information, so I use this for FSX SP2/Acc. But I didn't find this in P3D -- and in fact did not look very hard, because P3D is still being developed and they should make the published facilities work. I don't really want the job of detailed hacking into each update of their code in order to correct their bugs.

If you check it after setting that parameter, and it doesn't give reliable information, please do report it to P3D support so that they might one day fix it. For reference the SimConnect facility concerned is:

HRESULT SimConnect_RequestFacilitesList(

HANDLE hSimConnect,





Currently I can't even test it on P3D as my license has expired again. I'm really waiting for Versio 2 when I might actually buy it if it looks as good as folks are hoping.



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