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Hi, to start with, I am a young French developer which does not speak English a lot, then I use a converter. I work on a Lark 2 which I transform into simulator. It is whom(that) that begins to clamp(stick): I decided to keep(preserve) the instruments in which I put servos or step by step engine. The problem it is the part(party) codes: I do not arrive has to extract the height, the vertical speed and the fuel by serving me as your DLL. It works well for the heading and Eng RPM. These data are sent back(dismissed) on a port(bearing) COM for a card(map) Arduino.

Could you say to me of what you think of it?

In advance thank you.

I invite you has to follow this link or you will see my Alouette 2 : www.mediafx.fr/318

Look almost everywhere and especially Panel....

FX ;op

private Offset<int> airspeed = new Offset<int>(0x02BC); // Basic integer read example

private Offset<int> rotorRpm = new Offset<int>(0x0908); // rotor rpm

private Offset<int> turbRpm = new Offset<int>(0x0896);

private Offset<Double> pressEngOil = new Offset<Double>(0x3B60);

private Offset<Double> tempEngOil = new Offset<Double>(0x3B58); private String tmpEnOil, tmpEnOilold;

private Offset<int> torque = new Offset<int>(0x08F4); private String Tork, TorkOld; // rotor torq

private Offset<int> temptur = new Offset<int>(0x08F0); private String TempTur, TempTurOld; // temp turb

private Offset<Double> banke = new Offset<Double>(0x2F78); private String Bank, BankOld; // HA_Bank

private Offset<Double> pitche = new Offset<Double>(0x2F70);private String Pitch,PitchOld; // HA_Pitch

private Offset<Double> comp = new Offset<double>(0x2B00);

private String data = "";

private Offset<Double> test = new Offset<Double>(0x3544); // test 0360 08BA

public Form1()



serialPort1.PortName = "COM7";

serialPort1.BaudRate = 115200;

button9.Text = "connecter";

button10.Text = "déconnecté";

button10.Enabled = false;


private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)


// Process the default group




double airpeedKnots = ((double)airspeed.Value / 128d*1.852);// ias en Km/H

this.txtIAS.Text = airpeedKnots.ToString("f0");

int rotorrpm = ((int)rotorRpm.Value / (16384 / 100));

this.rotorBox.Text = rotorrpm.ToString("f1");

double Torque = ( (int)torque.Value / (16384 / 100) );

this.torqBox.Text = Torque.ToString();

Tork = "T" + Torque.ToString("f1");

if ((serialPort1.IsOpen) && (Tork != TorkOld)) { TorkOld = Tork; serialPort1.Write(Tork); };

int TempTur = ((int)temptur.Value / 16384);

this.tempturbbox.Text = TempTur.ToString();

int Bank2 = ((int)banke.Value);

this.bankBox.Text = Bank2.ToString("f1");

Bank = "B" + Bank2.ToString();

if ((serialPort1.IsOpen) && (Bank != BankOld)) { BankOld = Bank; serialPort1.Write(Bank); };

int Pitch2 = ((int)pitche.Value);

this.pitchBox.Text = Pitch2.ToString();

Pitch = "A" + Pitch2.ToString();

if ((serialPort1.IsOpen) && (Pitch != PitchOld)) { PitchOld = Pitch; serialPort1.Write(Pitch); };

int TEO = (((int)tempEngOil.Value * 140/16384)*14);

this.ToilBox.Text = TEO.ToString();

double PEO = (((double)pressEngOil.Value *55/16384)/7.25);

this.PoilBox.Text = PEO.ToString("f1");

int TR = ((int)turbRpm.Value *(100/16384));

this.rpmTurBox.Text = TR.ToString("f1");

double COMP = ((double)comp.Value);

this.capBox.Text = COMP.ToString("f0");


double Test = ( (double)test.Value );

this.testBox.Text = Test.ToString("f0");

data = Pitch + Bank + Tork; textBox10.Text = data;



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