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Problem with "No Smoking" and with "Seat Belts" signs

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I have 2 problems with offsets 341c and 341d :

First :

- I can use the No Smoking switch alone (341c), but it act on the hydraulics switches and shut them.

- I can use the Seat Belts switch alone (341d), but it also act on the hydraulics switches and shut them.

Second :

When I have No Smoking and Seat belts on, I can cut the seat belts, onlu seat belts became off. But if I cut No Smoking, I have No Smoking and Seat Belts off at the same time.

I have checked that the button device doesn't have assigments in the FS menus...

Can you help me ?

Thank you.

Jean-Louis Coussot

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It sounds like you are writing the wrong sized value -- both of those are just one (1) byte not words or dwords or any other type. The byte immediately following those (341E) just happens to be the hydraulics switch. Take more care -- each value in the offsets has a size. Respect it!

Also, you could figure these things out by yourself. Use the logging to work out what you've got wrong.

Finally please always mention the version of FSUIPC you are using, and if not the latest update first. Also mention the aircraft -- test with default aircraft.


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i am searching for the bothe Offsets 341c and 341d, but can These not find in the

FSUIPC for Programmers.pdf.

(i have the Latest FSUIPC and SDK )


How are These to use or where are These to find?


They are not functions available in FS9, and therefore the offsets do not exist on FS9. They are just two of the many additions in FSX and covered accordingly in the FSUIPC4 Offsets Status document installed with FSUIPC4 and also provided in the SDK.



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can i install the actual downloadable FSUIPC 4.92 install in Prepar3D v2 without Problems?


I only just managed to get the released P3D v2 yesterday.


The version of FSUIPC4 for P3Dv2 will be released tonight or possibly tomorrow. The first correct support for P3D v2 will be 4.923. Any earlier version will not work correctly and may cause problems and crashes.




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