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FSX Crash with Weather.dll as long as FSUIPC is loaded

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Hello everyone,

My FSX worked well with FSUIPC for many months now. I installed Switzerland Pro X and some Switzerland Sceneries a few days ago and additonally FSUIPC 4.853 and 4.859m for testing out that friction stuff. That day, everything worked and FSX was usuable.

Now, FSX crashes about 2-3 seconds after the flight has been loaded with a problem in weather.dll.

The UI loads normally and can be used. I tried different aircrafts and sceneries, a restart of the computer. Nothing worked. Removing the FSUIPC.dll makes the simulator working. I deleted and reinstalled FSUIPC completely. Also removed all lua- and other files from the modules folder , tried out a reinstalltion after putting the FSUIPC4_Loader.dll in the modules folder (is listed in the FSX.cfg). I changed my system time settings to English (USA), but nothing helped.

I know, that Pete is on holidays, but perhabs someone else has an idea how to solve the problem. Unfortunatelly I don't have a backup of my old FSUIPC version...

Thanks in advance and greetings,


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I forgot to mention that I also saved a new default flight without weather - didn't help. But thanks for your hint! :)

I deleted all expansion dll entries from the FSX.cfg and started everytime with the permission for one further module to load. It seems to be a problem between AseData.dll and FSUIPC - at least simulator works if one of both is disabled.

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Apologies for the delay in replying. As announced, I have been away on holidays.

I forgot to mention that I also saved a new default flight without weather - didn't help. But thanks for your hint! :)

You can't actually save a flight without a WX file.

In my experiance, consistent crashes in WEATHER.DLL are due to corrupted weather files. The only reason FSUIPC gets implicated is because the crashes occur when the corrupt data is processed by Simconnect by request of FSUIPC, and FSUIPC always reads the weather data.

The corrupted file could be the WX file associated with the default flight, not necessarily the flight loaded later -- corrupted data can result is other corruption which has a later effect. to test this simply remove (save to another folder if you like) all .WX files from your Flight Simulator X Files folder in your Documents.

Another file which can be corrupted, especially on an interrupted weather download from the MS site, is "wxstationlist.bin", in the same folder as your FSX.CFG file. If the above test doesn't fix the proble, try deleting that file. FSX will make a new default.



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This is an older thread, but I just ran into same problem and had to do another step beyond what Pete indicates above.  I also had to delete "Previous flight" files in the same folder as FSX.CFG.  There were also "Previous Flight" files in the Flight Simulator X Files folder in your Documents (aka saved flights).  In case this helps others, that's my experience; and for those truly new to all this, in a "standard installation" on Windows 7 here's where those folders are that Pete references. 


- FSX config folder:       C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX     (same as    %appdata%\Microsoft\FSX  )

    wxstationlist.BIN and "Previous flight" files


- Saved Flights folder:   C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files  (same as    %userprofile%\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files  )

    saved flights and their associated .WX files

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