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What would this mean: Unknown SimConnect exception: 3, param: -1, send id: 4

That exception code isn't "unknown", it is defined as "SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_UNRECOGNIZED_ID". The parameter position -1 is the first parameter in whatever the call was, and the send ID is simply the ID assigned, by SimConnect, to the request. Without the context (where are you looking, SimConnect log?) nothing more can be derived from that.

Such errors are not always a problem. For instance, something which is reading details of AI trasffic, monitoring their position perhaps, may get such an error when a monitored aircraft is deleted, because it has finished or left the FS "reality bubble". This will happen en bulk if you reload a flight or change the traffic sliders.

I can connect with the host UGT but it will no longer advance me to a next hop after I added REX Essentials.

Sorry, that's almost gibberish to me. What's a "host UGT" and what's "advancing to a next hop"?



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