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widefs connection closed by server

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For years using fsuipc and widefs no troubles. In the past 1/2 year the remote pc will; not connect to the fsx pc.

I have try`d everything I found on the internet ( I think) but the results are the same no connection.

W7 ultimate 64bit. Avg internet securety business edition2013 on both pc.

Network works perfect progs as Electronic Flightback ,rex essential overdrive,squakwbox no problems .

All firewalls closed on both pc.


the widefs ini 

; -----------------------------------------------
; ===============================================
Device1=Primair geluidsstuurprogramma
Device2=Luidsprekers (SB Audigy)
Device3=Luidsprekers (2- Logitech Wireless Headset)
the widefs  log 
******** WideClient Log [version 6.999b] Class=FS98MAIN *********
Date (dmy): 11/09/13, Time 14:36:56.009: Client name is WL
     3447 Attempting to connect now
     3447 Trying to locate server: Need details from Server Broadcast
     3447 Failed to connect: waiting to try again
     3447 LUA: "C:\Users\Gebruiker\Documents\WideFS\Initial.LUA": not found
     5491 Attempting to connect now
     7550 Server = WILLY-PC
     7566 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
     7566 ... Okay, IP Address =
     7566 Connection made okay!
     7784 Connection closed by server!
     7784 Attempting to connect now
    11871 Server = WILLY-PC
    11871 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
    11871 ... Okay, IP Address =
the widefs client0 log
  1630632 Server = WILLY-PC
  1630647 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
  1630647 ... Okay, IP Address =
  1630647 Connection made okay!
  1630834 Connection closed by server!
  1630834 Attempting to connect now
  1634937 Server = WILLY-PC
  1634937 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
  1634937 ... Okay, IP Address =
  1634937 Connection made okay!
  1635093 Connection closed by server!
  1635093 Attempting to connect now
  1639196 Server = WILLY-PC
  1639196 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
  1639196 ... Okay, IP Address =
  1639196 Connection made okay!
  1639352 Connection closed by server!
  1639352 Attempting to connect now
  1643439 Server = WILLY-PC
  1643439 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
  1643439 ... Okay, IP Address =
  1643439 Connection made okay!
  1643564 Connection closed by server!
  1643564 Attempting to connect now
  1647636 Server = WILLY-PC
  1647636 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
  1647636 ... Okay, IP Address =
  1647636 Connection made okay!
  1647838 Connection closed by server!
  1647838 Attempting to connect now
  1651894 Server = WILLY-PC
  1651894 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
  1651894 ... Okay, IP Address =
  1651894 Connection made okay!
  1652097 Connection closed by server!
  1652097 Attempting to connect now
  1656106 ****** End of session performance summary ******
  1656106 Total time connected = 68 seconds
  1656106 Reception maximum:  0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec
  1656106 Reception average whilst connected:  0 frames/sec, 0 bytes/sec
  1656106 Transmission maximum:  0 frames/sec, 89 bytes/sec
  1656106 Transmission average whilst connected:  2 frames/sec, 709 bytes/sec
  1656106 Max receive buffer = 0, Max send depth = 1, Send frames lost = 1
  1656106 ********* Log file closed (Buffers: MaxUsed 1, Alloc 148 Freed 148 Refused 0) *********
firewalls in windows and avg disabled


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the widefs ini 



You mean WideClient..INI I think.


If thast is the correct IP address then you also need to sepcify the Protocol -- please see the WideFS documentation about configuring. You either omit both Server and Protocol details, letting the automatic system link the two, or you specify both server details (name or IP address) and the protocol to be used. If either are omitted then WideClient tries to locate the Server automatically, and that depends on Broadcasts being allowed.


Broadcasts ARE allowed on all Windows versions since WinXP SP1, provided that both PCs are in the same Workgroup. This too is explained in the documentation. Please see the part about configuring the system, the part with the red section asking you to at least read the first few parts.


the widefs  log 


You mean WideClient.log.


The client is only one end of the link! The Server runs on the FS PC, and there is a WideServer log which tells us what is going on that end.


I see the Client did actually connect using Broadcasting, (not your ServerIPAddr parameter):


     5491 Attempting to connect now

     7550 Server = WILLY-PC
     7566 Trying TCP/IP host "WILLY-PC" port 8002 ...
     7566 ... Okay, IP Address =
     7566 Connection made okay!


However the fact that the Server then closes the connection immediately appears to indicate that something else on your Server is using the same Port (8002) for other things and so doesn't recognise the Client's requests. This is the only explanation I can think of for a spontaneous closure. The Server log, which you've unfortunately not supplied, would be relevant there.
I think you should look for other Networking programs which may use that Port -- perhaps you've configured SimConnect to use it? Either change that, or change WideFS, to use another port.
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thx pete for the fast reply.Where do I find the severlog file??


As with WideClient's log, the WideServer log file is next to the program which makes it -- i.e. FSUIPC4.DLL in the Modules folder. Everything to do with FSUIPC is in at folder.



You are right porrt 8002 is in use by a prog. I found portchecker to find out. But i do not wich port i can use insted of 8002


Try 8003, 8004, etc, whichever is not used. You'd need to change it in both Wideclient.INI and in the [WideServer] section of FSSUIPC4.INI. Details are in the documentation, as usual.



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