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axis asignments

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when using LINDA for control assignments, can axis asignments be left under fsx control or do I have to use fsuipc for axis control for throttle quad



Sorry, I don't know Linda, but i doubt whether she cares one way or the other. There's a Linda support forum isn't there?  ... Yes http://forum.avsim.net/forum/429-linda-support/



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Sorry if I offended you! Im relatively new to this world of advanced control assignment and thought that

Fsuipc and Linda were connected.


No offence. Sorry if you thought so from my joking reply (couldn't resist referring to Linda as a "she" for obvious reasons ;-) ). And, yes, of course Linda and FSUIPC are "connected" in that it (she) uses FSUIPC for everything. It's just that I have not been at all involved in Linda's development and nor am I a Linda user, so I'm unable to help. I just seem to recall that Linda deals with buttons and switches and not so much, if at all, with axes. but I can't give a definitive answer, hence my referring you to the right place for such questions..


Okay? There are a great many applications out there using FSUIPC and I cannot profess to know about all of them. Sorry.



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