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I have a quick question, I have autosave setup for every 2 minutes. When the time comes for FSUIPC to save, FSX freezes for around 10-15 seconds, this can get very frustrating. My question is: why? And how can this be changed?


It isn't FSUIPC which does such things. All it is doing is calling the SimConnect function to save the flight, and that should operate exactly the same as if you went into the FSX menu to save a flight. Oh, and it also, of course, removes the oldest saved flight in the cycle of however many you set it to keep.


In case the latter action has anything to do with it, try using the "AlsoSave" function instead -- there's no cycle of saved files for that, it merely saves with a fixed filename overwriting the previous ones. If this alleviates the freezing then I'd suspect your hard disk or Windows caching, because it must simply be related to disk file operations.


Incidentally, I have only seen these delays mentioned in connection with certain specific add-on aircraft -- the PMDG 777 in fact? I think PMDG were also investigating why this should be so when it didn't occur on the 737NGX. Perhaps you might check if it is aircraft specific in your case?




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Hi Pete,

I have been suffering from Squawkbox 4 frequent disconnects for years. The disconnects occur every few minutes which have made my online experiences impractical. I have had the autosave frequency set to 300 seconds. I have had all sorts of minds try to find the reasons for the disconnects.


My next theory as to why I get these disconnects has led me to think that maybe FSUIPC 4.90 might be the culprit. So this morning I have unchecked 'Check to enable Autosave', deleted all of my Autosave files, and left FSX/PMDG 777X running for over 1 hour without a disconnect.


Do you believe that the Autosave function could have caused the SB4 disconnects?


As I only use PMDG 777X, should I update FSUIPC 4 to the latest release?


Any help will be much appreciated.

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Autosave isn't the culprit, per se - the problem is that for the PMDG777 the save cycle is too long. I wouldn't be surprised if SB4 also has an issue with it.


Yes. All FSUIPC does is call the FSX routine and FS does the saving. The PMDG code will see that happening and save its own stuff too. I'm afraid nothing can be done about that. Maybe you can change some parameter in SB4 to extend its timeout?



... should I update FSUIPC 4 to the latest release?


You should always update to the currently supported version if you want any support.



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