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Flight Director Question to Mr. Dowson

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Hello Mr. Dowson, and a Merry Christmas to you!


I have a question about the options for the PM MCP Flight Director in the Buttons & Switches dropdownlist.

Currently I am in the process of converting a GoFlight Boeing MCP to look and act like a Lear 45 MCP. This means some disassembling and making another frontplate. Some of the Boeing functions are obsolete, others will have to be amended if possible.

This is how it looks at the time:



 You notice that switching the flight directors on / off no longer happens with a flip switch like with the Boeing, but with a push button, and herein lies my problem.


I have hardwired the flip switch from the Go Flight MCP to the Push button on the Lear MCP. This Pushbutton is a momentary one so when I push it, the Flight Director comes on, and goes off again when I release the button!

That was not meant to happen, but logical cause the GoFlight hardware is designed for a flip switch.


I was hoping to be able to solve that with the FSUIPC buttons and Switches section but that is only partly true.

I have now assigned the FD1 to the PM MCP FD1 ON  function. When I press it the FD goes on, but now I can never turn it off again with the same button. Same goes for the A/T. Originally also a Flip switch, but now a Push button,


So, after a long story here is my question; Is it possible for you to add three options to the list of selections called: Toggle PM MCP FD1, a Toggle PM MCP FD2 and  Toggle PM MCP A/T ? That would instantly solve it.......


Thanks for reading and Best Regards,


Jaap Both


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Is it possible for you to add three options to the list of selections called: Toggle PM MCP FD1, a Toggle PM MCP FD2 and  Toggle PM MCP A/T ? That would instantly solve it.......


No. not really. All the included PM controls do is use the facilities in PM -- as documented on the PM website. If there is no "toggle" then there isn't one to map onto in any case.


The best thing to do in such cases is either to use the button flag facity to conditionally change what your button does on alternate presses, or to use the Offset controls provided to alter the PM offsets directly. After all, the listed PM controls merely map directly through to PM offsets, nothing more.



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Hello Pete,


Thansk for your answer. Pity that PM has no toggle facility for A/T and Flightdirectors. I asked them but got replied that I should try it with Offset 5410.


When you mentioned the Flag Facility I remembered to have read something about that in the FSUIPC manuals. At that time I must have thought I would never need it, so I kind of forgot it.....

With the manual at my side I started trying and after some errors I got this: 






And it works perfectly....   Did I do it in the correct way?


Now I can do the same for the Flight Directors!


Thanks again!




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