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weird joystickproblem

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I have a really strange problem...

(I have an epic, it expansion module with some analogs, FS2002 & epicinfo and the flightlink KR1 radiostack.)

The Y-rotation windows axis is my 'prop pitch'. I even see it moving in the "game controllers" & epicenter.

In FS2002, i assign an axis to 'proppelor,' I move the analog, and FS2002 successfully recognizes 'Y-rot' as the name of the axis.

Now, when i move the analog, FS2002 does not react to it. Even after checking some calibration & sensitivities.

If I reprogram my epic .epl code, to use the Z-rotation, or X-rotation, and do the same 'assign axis' procedure in FS2002, then it DOES WORK !!!

I have searched the internet for other people that have this problem, but with no result...

the weird thing is, my friend had a similar problem with his X / Y axis.. always working in epicenter & gamecontrollers, and glitchy input in FS2002 (we checked the minipanel in fs2002, and the red dot doesnt always follow the analogs, but jumps once in a while)

*any* idea ?

Kind regards,

Van Ertvelde Wim

ps, windowsXP, directx8 and updated to dx9. tried all kinds of epicenter en epic eeprom versions

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I hope someone else here can help, because I really have no idea. As far as I knew, to FS an axis was an axis, which was an axis. Which one it was shouldn't matter. You've assigned it, it provides values, so that's that. Why should it care which axis it was originally?

The only significant change between FS2000 and FS2002, which really made all this stuff rather more complicated than it used to be, was the changeover, in FS, to using DirectInput, rather than the good old reliable Windows joystick interface.

This sort of thing makes me even more determined to provide some sort of direct Windows API joystick interface with full calibration and response curve programming. I've wanted to add this to FSUIPC for a long time. It is on the cards, but it is a fairly big project -- I'll get to it, but it may be early 2004.



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