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Reading a Joistick in SIOC

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i try to read a Joistick Button press in SIOC.

For that i fond here this entry for SIOC for the Joistick.


Var 2 name FO_JoyStick64 Link FSUIPC_OUT Offset $3340 Length 4


But var 2 does not Show anything, only 0.


Did i anything wrong?



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1. your line shows the variable as FSUIPC_OUT, so it is declared in SIOC as an Offset where you have to write to and you will not be able to read the status of this Offset

2. did you check the FSUIPC documentation? It clearly describes the function of this Offset.

3340 36 This area is used for externally signalled “joystick button” control, a set of 288 "virtual buttons". Each DWORD or 32 bits represents one “joystick” with 32 buttons.
If an external program sets or clears a bit in any of these 9 DWORDS the “Buttons” page in FSUIPC will register the change as a button operation on one of Joystick numbers 64 to 73 
(corresponding to the 9 DWORDs). So, FSUIPC can be used to program whatever actions the user wants.
See also offset 29F0
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