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Using FSUIPS_SDK_C in Xcode

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I'm building an app using Xcode and the C SDK.  the problem is that i can't find the file to include for most of the functions.


I have included FSUIPC_User.h, IPCuser.h, and IPCuser.c correctly, some of the functions are in windows.h but others like the variable MAX_PATH is undeclared. So I defined it. but there is a lot of functions and variables that are defined in windows.h but i can't figure out any way to work out the problem of windows.h not being found. Most research I've done says there is no way to include or import windows.h


Any help working through this would be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm a newby to programing.  What i'm trying to do is similar to some of the other apps out their on iOS devices. I'm trying to access fsuipc via the LAN to control a few switches.  I could be going about it all wrong, I imported the Appropriate (i think) file to my project from the SDK_C but the issue is that a lot of the functions and variables are really in windows specific file types and so far Xcode and iOS don't like it(which makes sense but i know it can be done other apps are already doing this) 



Like I said i might be Going about it all wrong.  Maybe I should be using and learning the FSUIPCDotNetClient2.0 


I'm new but learning fast so any help pointing me the correct direction or working through this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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You cannot implement the FSUIPC interface on any operating system but Windows. Even if you got the SDK to compile on your XCode compiler it would be a waste of time as your app needs to run on the same machine as FSX or FS9 or WideClient.exe. That's just how it works. None of these programs run on IOS.


If there are iOS apps out there that use FSUIPC then they must be using some bespoke bridging software. This would be installed on the Windows flightsim PC and would get information from FSUIPC and pass it along to the iOS client using their own networking protocols.


The .NET Client would help you talk to FSUIPC on the Windows PC, but if you then wanted to send that data to an IOS device you'll need to learn about sending data over a network, not only from the Windows side of things but also the IOS side. You'll also need to learn a completely different language and framework for IOS as .NET doesn't run on IOS.


To achieve what you want to do you'll be best sticking with C for both the Windows and XCode side of things.  You'll need to know the following:


1. How to get data from FSUIPC on a Windows Machine.


2. How to write a server program on the windows machine to respond to network requests and send data to the client making the request.


3. How to write an IOS app in XCode


4. How to send a network request from the IOS app to the windows server program over the network and receive that data back.


The FSUIPC SDK and this forum are for item 1. The other three areas can be found elsewhere on the internet.



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Thanks Paul

I've figured out some of what you mentioned, I gave up going about tha app the way I was discussing.

I made a server using the python and the fsuipc_sdk_python and I'm able to connect to fsuipc and get the basic variables (fs_version, etc.)

I am stumped though at get the pyuipc.read() to do anything. The documentation isn't very in depth for the pyuipc module (at least for a newby like me). If I have it correct I'm wanting to read from the 0x0d0c.

A short snippet of code to show me a read would help a great deal. At this point I'm really just trying to operate my lights on fsx.

Thanks again Paul for the response. As I was reading it I relived my realization that the approach I was trying was going to be one heck of a task.

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Unfortunately I know nothing about Python so I can't help you out with that. I suggest making a new topic with Python in the title to attract the right person to your thread. But I have to say I've never seen Python discussed here at all.


I've just remembered that FSUIPC has the Lua language built in and that has networking libraries. There is some sample Lua code supplied with FSUIPC that transmits data between two Flight Sim pcs. I don't know if Lua would be suitable for your purposes but it's something to investigate.  The Lua documentation and samples are in your Flight Sim 'modules\FSUIPC Documents' directory (folder).



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