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problem with PTT button


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Good morning Tower2011! and Tracon players and builders,


I play Tower2011! and Tracon for some time now and with great pleasure .

I am very satisfied with the voice commands you can give compared to other ATC simulators.

Meanwhile I have bought various Add-ons and they are piece by piece great.

Yet I encounter a small problem which I do not find on this forum page.


I have the idea that (mainly) at Tracon my PTT button hangs.

When i played the simulation for about 10 minutes and I push the  PTT button to talk to a (random) plane, then the name of the previous plane I spoke to keeps coming back in the command display (it sort of freezes). I have to pause the simulation and have to click on different places on the screen, with random mouse clicks (left, Center, right) to get it running again. Within 2 minutes it starts all over again. Is there anyone who has the same problem, or better, is there a solution for it? (additional info I play with 3 screens).


Builders, Many thanks for the great game and add-ons. it is very addictive.

ps is there a possibility that there will be a add on for the Dutch (EHAM) sectors soon?


Kind regards,


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Hi Dennis,


Mine sometimes throws a little wobbly from time to time also, however I'm not sure if it is the same as you describe.


If it is, all I do is click on any of the flight strips once (so that the id appears in your window) and simply press enter after it. All is then returned to normal.



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I'm having the same issue, has this been addressed or fixed yet?


By the way I love this sim (minus this issue) and I'm so glad somebody has finally made one again and I'm so looking forward to ATCC when ever it comes out.



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