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EJets 175-195 Autopilot fails to work until reinstall


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I have this strange autopilot problem.  Brand new install, and aircraft works great including all autopilot functions as it should.  Eventually it will fail to engage, regardless, if I reload FSX, reload the aircraft, etc.  I fixed the problem before by doing a complete reinstall.  Now its doing it again after working for some time. There must be something that is getting triggered in one of the files to fail the autopilot.  


Autopilot attempt to engage results in a brief on and off. No matter what is done, or settings. I know how it works, because I obviously use it for flights numerous times. It just eventually fails to operate. Anything that can be done besides reinstalling once again??


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Yes indeed. Trim centered and in green. Controls centered and verified on the MFD. Joystick calibrated. Works with other aircraft. 

Like I mentioned, that AP works great initially. After some time, it will just fail to work, and I have to reinstall, after which it works again and the process repeats itself. Just getting annoying to reinstall all the time. 

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Not sure what you are suggesting. FSUIPC settings are fine and work great for every other aircraft.  The problem is with the EJets. As Ive mentioned numberous times, a reinstall of the Ejets will fix this, so clearly its a problem with it, because some flying time with it later, it will do the same thing. I was just trying to avoid reinstalling it every time this happens. Works for weeks, then it doesnt. 

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