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How Do I Get a Registration Key (First Time Registration)

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I purchased FSUIPC a LONG time ago for use with a Pre-Historic version of FS, i.e., I am starting over again as if I never paid for or registered any version of FSUIPC.  So I download and install, no problem.  FSUIPC is duly installed as an add-on in my FSX application.


Registering is a problem, however, because when I tell the Installer to go ahead and register, I am presented with a screen that wants my name and email address (once again, no problem) but also wants a registration key.


How do I get a registration key?

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Purchase at Simmarket , should you require access to the full product.


You can also retrieve your key there from your account orders.

Thanks so much.  Went there, did that, have the full product.  Too bad they don't tell you where to go to get the registration key in the download instructions.  Oh well . . .

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The registration information is on your account. If you log in and go to either my products or my orders and select your order for FSUIPC4, you'll see the information you require.




Ian P.

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14 minutes ago, tony gerard said:

fsuipc 4 loaded but cannot get key to register

What do you mean?  Copy/paste your key details - all 3 parts (Name, address, key) - from your SimMarket purchase email or account.

If you still have issues, let me know your order number (do NOT post your key details) and I will check them here. Almost every time this is reported, it is due to user error...


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1 hour ago, PLS said:

Just purchased FSUIPC7 at sim  market and trying to register the key but keeps telling me Invalid key.
Can you please help resolve.

Yes - read the Installing and Registering FSUIPC7 manual provided, and try the solutions outlined there.
99% of all registration issues are either due to user error (not inputting the details EXACTLY as provided in your purchase email) or to the required VC++ redistributables not being installed.

If you still have issues after reading and trying the solutions outlined there, let me know your order number and I will check them here. Please do not do this unless you have already updated your VC++ redistributables.


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