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Opening doors and holds


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Can someone please advise the commands for opening doors other than the main cabins doors (Shift-E)?


No other commands seem to work (Shift-E-2  -3  -4  Shift-Q   Shift-W   Shift-T etc.) and I have not found a panel or gauge to control the doors.


Many thanks,


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the plane uses FS's (don't know your version as you didn't outline system/FS details) default commands.


the issue is how FS reacts to multiple requests for information.  this is a well known bug in the FS code never corrected by MS.


advanced panels request data from FS constantly. FS decides that these are in error and 'acts up' by cutting off some user key commands - such as the multiple key strokes to open the cargo doors.you will likely see that the cargo door will open easily when FS is first loaded. it is only after 'a bit' that the problem begins.


i suggest you download RCBse-10.zip ("FS2004 Selection Correction gauge" by Rob Barendregt) from avsim.com. easy to install into your panel (follow the instructions in the 'read me' file).

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Thanks scoobflight


I am using FSX and this gauge did not solve the problem.  The only solution was cx_cargo_door gauge which places an icon in the cockpit to activate the cargo doors.


Other doors on the right side do not seem to open at all.

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