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Do I need Tower! 2011 already installed for Tracon! 2012 to run


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tower and tracon are stand along programs.


for trancon and tower to be played together, meaning multiple folks using a network, you must have multi-player version of tower (tracon is 'multiplayer' by default.



I am having issues with the Tracon! 2012 running.


and the 'issues' are??  be sure to read the 'reporting a problem checklist' before answering -






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Thanks for the reply, I thought so but wanted to make sure. I will read the forum for reporting a issue.


Real quick though actually got it to fire up just few minutes ago by doing the following. Mind you it was a quick test. I will test further when I have few more minutes.


OS: 8.1

RAM: 24 GB

Video: GeForce GTX 765M 2TB

Trancon! 2012 Setup exe: Tracon2012-sp1a.exe


1) Turned Off Voice

2) Gave User Full control over the FeelThere Folder

3) Gave Run under Admin rights too: (Mind you, might not have to do it to all but wanted to cover just incase.)

     a) AirspaceEd.exe

     b) oalinst.exe

     c) Tracon.exe

4) Also to the above exe I am running in compatibility mode Windows 7.


If I run into any further issues I will report it correctly thanks.

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"why are you installing in win7? mode?" I didn't, I installed normally with the exception that I ran the setup exe as Admin. It was after I installed and still had issues that I tried putting the exe in Compatibility mode and used Windows 7. It was test.



"where is the log?" the game.log file is 241kb zipped is still 40kb. It won't let me attach it or copy it in to this post. :???:





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Ok I was able to start with only one airfield and I have attached the log, I also put it back to no compatibility mode checked which it would be running under Windows 8.1. Also noticed that when I left Speech Recognition running it crashed. When I closed when the program open it, Tracon would load all the way.  


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