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strange problem with EFB

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I did a fresh clean instal deleted everything I found from efb/aivlasoft. It did not help
the data has fsx connected and simconnect is active , connection from remote display accepted.

making FP save in fsx pc documents/flightsimulator X files.

activate dataprovider receives new FP ea kfbi-kmfr and gpsmap v290 from carenado piper shows prvpos-kgbd .
with the AC on ground at KFBI.
put the FP from ffsx flightplanner its ok in gps map after activating in displlay unit on remote or diplay unit on fsx pc (it makes no difference) gaain prvpos-kgbd.


I`m running out of options with Aivlasoft EFB .                                                                                                                                                          The story:

before  a HD crash everything works fine fsx, addons , wide fs and the remote connection .


after the crash I discided to work with Prepar3d but the FPS where so bad ,I clean everything and install FSXgold edition.with al addons and updates.

And again everything works fine fsuipc,widefs and simconnect works fine .

Except one thing activating a FP via EFB in fsx as discibed above ,the gps map shows the AC on the airport ,I build a FP in EFB save and activate.

And after that the gpsmap from the AC shows always the flioghtplan  prvpos-kgbd.

Even if I start with teh fsx flightplanner and the right FP shows in the gps the moment i activate a change in EFB the gpsmap shows prvpos-kgbd


Is there a possibility that some checkmark in fsuipc(pay version) when there is a FP change and forces to this prvppos-kgbd flightplan

Ihave attached the fsuipc ini file.




wil de boer

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