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 I was wondering if there is any easy way to determine if the WX system in FSX/P3D was updated either globally or via the other injection styles, by the internal FSX 15 minute update engine or via any WX program regardless of the interface used. (FSUIPC, Simconnect, or other)


 The reason why I am asking is that a program called Duenna used for the Around the World Race (or other),  flight validation & monitoring, and finally tracking is only partially working in P3D. The author of Duenna, it seems, is unreachable by the Executive Committee. The complete Duenna "system" is wholly matured and creating another complete system would be difficult, requiring a multitude of people with a plethora of skills.  In the mean time myself and one other gentleman are creating 2 different "watchdog" programs to supplement Duenna. He is using Simconnect while I am going through FSUIPC/DLL for dot net. All of the validation parts needed to supplement Duenna for P3D are available in FSUIPC but the WX part is eluding me in scope. I would like to include FSX in this watchdog because the committee and myself included, think that the Jeppesen built in WX system may go away, if and when is a big ???


Could a "counter" be created by you if easily done? Or could you give me a little nudge in the right direction on how to take care of the WX part?


Thanks in advanced, and, of course, for the excellent support,


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Could a "counter" be created by you if easily done? Or could you give me a little nudge in the right direction on how to take care of the WX part?


I'm afraid I don't fully understand. What exactly is it you want FSUIPC to report for you, what is it supposed to "count"? Do you mean every single WRITE access to any of the weather values through any of the methods available (there are several)?


You do realise, I hope, that in FSX FSUIPC uses SimConnect completely for weather setting, so if you are looking at the latter you already have it covered, though I'm not sure exactly what you'd do to monitor settings made to the Weather via SimConnect either.


FSUIPC can't actually determine if or when weather is injected directly by FSX, whether from its server or by user in the menus. Changes to the weather are occurring all the time in any case.



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