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Trim wheel disconnecting autopilot

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I have FSX on Windows 7-64 and sometime last week, I was surprised by an autopilot disconnection after using the button programmed for elevator trim down. Testing with other aircraft, I found that default aircraft are not affected by this issue, but the PMDG 737, A2A C172 and C182 are. 


Changing the buttons for others, the same issue continued. Turning on the AP and moving the trim wheel with the mouse, the AP disconnects. I swear that in more than 25 years of MSFS I never saw this behavior.


May I ask now, is this behavior normal?


As I can remember, I did not change anything referenced to buttons, joysticks or pedals. I was mostly flying the PMDG 777 with FS2Crew successfully. The only new fact was the purchase of Alabeo Saratoga + Flight1 GTN750.


I use FSUIPC 4 commercial for all my buttons associations.


Thanks for your attention




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FSUIPC itself doesn't disconnect the AP and as you said already it doesn't happen with any default AC.


- for B737 it is correct, Trim-input will disengage the AP, that will be programmed by PMDG.

- for other AC with AP it should be as well because when overriding an automatic system that system should kick out because it is doing something wrong, that's the reason you override it.

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