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I use a Saitek yoke with everything calibrated thru FSUIPC.  I have assigned the switch on left side of yoke to control elevator trim.  It has always worked ok except for adjusting the trim on the A2A Cherokee.  The trim has always worked very slowly on only this plane.


I was watching a review of the new A2A C182 by Froogle on Youtube and he came up with a method of speeding up the trim on that plane by using the FSX controls buttons and FSUIPC together.  Seemed to work for him.  I followed his instructions but it totally screwed up my trim.  Now my trim goes full down (without me touching the controls and I can't control it.  It stays at full down (on all planes) and won't adjust although the trim wheel does try to move. 


I deleted the .dll file in FSUIPC and tested it just with the FSX controls and it works ok.  Downloaded and reinstalled FSUIPC but it is still messed up.  Am totally at a loss here.  Does anyone have any suggestion on what I can do to fix this?  Thanks.



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Finally figured out the problem. Somehow the number 2 mixture control switch on the Saitek throttle had gotten set to "Trim Down", so when the mixture control was all the way down in the cutoff postion, it was engaging the switch. Still don't know how that happened. Probably a malfunction of the "nut" behind the yoke.


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That was probably Microsoft's fault.


They set FSX (and ESP) up so that any new controller device, when attached, was given a set of default commands which equated to what they thought worked best on a Microsoft Sidewinder joystick. Needless to say, the same settings were utterly useless on rudder pedals, or throttle quads, for example!


Unless FSX specifically recognises a device - which it usually doesn't - then is assigns everything these default buttons and axis settings, which you then have to clear manually before setting up more sensible ones.




Ian P.

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