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Applications detecting FSUIPC?

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I meant more like when someone starts up my app, before I start making use FSUIPC, can I detect if they even have it installed? My situation may be a bit different than most because I'm using FSUIPC and Paul's .NET .DLL to communicate with FSX. The .DLL of course is always in my code but it uses FSUIPC to 'talk' to FSX. If a user has not installed FSUIPC, then my app can't talk to FSX. So, I was wondering the best way to check if they have FSUIPC at all.

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The usual way to handle this is to attempt the connection and catch the error thrown if FSUIPC is not running. This could be because the user doesn't have it installed or because FSX isn't loaded yet. Either way, you can display a message or a status in your application to let the user know that your application cannot connect to FSUIPC.


If you have a look at my C# Example Application there is code in there that attempts a connection and if it doesn't find one it will keep trying. Meanwhile, the connection status is displayed on the form. If the connection is ever lost it goes back to the looking state and the main functionality is suspended until the connection comes back.



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