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I have a registered version FSUIP 3.7x

Its registered several years ago with an email address which I dont have any more)


Now I would like to update it to 3.9 (i have FS2004)

I have a home cockpit (Caravelle 12) and would like to lose the assigned axis and button commands, calibrations and so on...


So if I now download the update what happens

- Do I have to make a new registeration?

- Do I loose all of my FSUIP settings?


Best regards,

JP air


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No and no.

You simply run the latest installer, available from the downloads/updated modules thread at the top of Pete's forum, which will not overwrite your FSUIPC.ini file, then select "check existing registration" when asked.


To be slightly fair, this is all in the manual and installation notes. ;)




Ian P.

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To be slightly fair, I guessed....My version happens to be so old...Sim works..thousand of hour....just wanted to check the old manual is still ok. Thank you about kind answer! thank you about awesome program! 



Is there any program to scan offsets...Im using Benoit Gaurants Caravelle Panels.

They are custom made and I don't even know if they use offsets or how are they constructed...

But it could be a great help if someone could advise me about where to start solving this...

Maybe I fool my Caravelle to be a 737 andstudy project magenta?

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Is there any program to scan offsets.


Not sure what you mean by "scan", but FSUIPC has good logging facilities and you can log all reads and writes (separately) to offsets from applications and add-ons. You can also use the utility FSInterrogate, supplied in the FSUIPC SDK, to read and write offsets and to watch for changes.



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