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Conflict with EPICMAPPER

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Today I have installed FS2004 "Wonderfull!!"

but I have a problem EPICMAPPER don't work and crash with this message:

AppName: epic.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcrtd.dll

ModVer: 6.0.8168.0 Offset: 0001674c

Before with FS2002 all work fine!

Anyone know how is the problem?

Have you checked with the author? Does he have a support site? Certainly he should be able to diagnose this for you in no time.

BTW "msvcrtd.dll" is the Debug version of the MSVC run-time library, not normally installed on user systems. Is this a Beta test version of EpicMapper you are using?



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Yes I cecked Autor but he dont reply me

Have you registered FSUIPC? If not then the crash in EpicMapper may be simply because it is not registered and not getting a response it likes from FSUIPC.

Another possibility is that it doesn't cater for an extension to the range of FS versions now supported by FSUIPC -- FS2004 is encoded an #7 in the offset for FS versions. FS2002 was #6 in that table. Possibly this #7 is outside of some array bounds and so causing the crash. If EPICmapper works in FS2002 with FSUIPC 3 then this is, in fact, the most likely explanation.

If you like, go to FSUIPC's Options, the Logging page. Turn on IPC read and write Logging, then start up your "EpicMapper". When it fails, be sure to close FS down normally, then Zip up and send me the FSUIPC.LOG file to petedowson@btconnect.com. I doubt that I'll be able to fix it (it is not my program of course), but at least I may be able to tell you what is wrong.



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