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Saitek Yoke Calibration issue

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I have just bought the full version of FSUIPC and am trying to get it to work with my Saitek Cessna yoke and throttle quadrant. I have disabled joystick within FSX and have sorted the thottle quadrant with no problem but I am having issues with the yoke.


So far I have managed to configure the yoke on the Axis assignment page and it shows Alerons/ elevator etc but I have noticed that when flying it seems a bit too sensitve and the plane wanders on the taxiway. I think i need to set a deadzone within FSUIPC?


I have clicked on the Joystick calibration tab and made sure its set to 1 of 11 main flight controls.

Then I have pressed the set button directly under where it says Alerons direct

I turn my yoke full right and press the set button on max but all i hear is a notification sound and the number does not change. I have also tried setting full left and it does the same thing. Occasionally it works and the number changes for one of the parameters but it never works for all three


Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong


kind regards





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As you move your axis from one extreme to the other the numbers in the FSUIPC window will move from negative tp positive numbers. When at max negative you press the set button that also displays a negative number. If you press the wrong one ( the positive) you will get an error.


When you have set both extremes correctly you set the null zone by pressing the centre set button twice....once for null to the left of centre and once for the nuull to right of centre


Taxi-ing will be affected by your rudder, not ailerons.

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