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IPC:0x060E - Retractable gear - Does it work ?

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I'm having a go at programming the LEDs on my X52P. With already some success BTW.


In that context, I came accross the above variable (in FS-Interrogate).

But whatever aircraft I select, the variable remains stuck at 0 (I used FSUIPC Logging to check).

Not that it's such a big drama, but I'd like to have the gear led "off" rather than "green" for a fixed gear aircraft.


Any ideas ?



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I used the address I found in FS-Interrogate, and obviously that's not the correct one.

That's a pity, as FS-interrogate is easier for finding things.


FSInterrogate as a reference is only as good as the data files (.fsi files) it is supplied with. I think the ones in the package are the originals, well out of date in any case and missing many of the later details added for FSX, and even some changed for FS9.


According to the original Offsets list (the "programmers guide" in the SDK), 060E held a retractable gear flag, 0 if false, 1 if true. 060E had instead a numeric value -- 0 not, 1 retractable, 2 sliders. However, they are both marked as not applicable to FS2002 and FS2004 -- so only FS98 and FS2000.


The use of 060C as 0 or 1 (only) was resurrected in FSX, as shown in the FSUIPC4 offsets status document. I think, maybe, 060E should have been used instead, but since both has been out of use for 6 years by then I suppose no one noticed or cared.


Interestingly, and incorrectly, if you go to the Edit screen for 060E in FSInterrogate it shows it valid for FS98 and FS2000 and FSX, whereas 060C is marked as FS98 and FS2000 only. Evidently it was edited incorrectly at some time, probably 9 years ago.


Really the data file needs re-editing, patiently and carefully by someone with time and patience. Meanwhile, best to use the documents provided, as you now say. ;-)



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