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Save state of VAS logging window?

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Is it possible to save the size and position of the VAS logging window in P3D2.5. It always starts with the green bar across the screen and I must resize and move it.


Sorry, I don't know how you are logging it there? That's the FS message window, I think? Doesn't it get defined in the FS/P3D CFG file someplace?


Easiest would be via a little Lua plug-in with its own display. They are sizeable and positionable. Or best on a separate PC via WideFS. Here's the one I use, which runs under WideClient and shows frame rate and VAS free. You'll need to set the window position and size in the wn.opn function (the four numbers are x,y,cx,cy):

w = wnd.open("VAS Monitor", WND_FIXED, 2455,1075,425,100)
wnd.backcol(w, 0x000)
wnd.textcol(w, 0x6c0)
wnd.font(w, WND_ARIAL,-2)

-- Update the display at 500 msec intervals (see event at end)
function mytimer(time)


    fr = ipc.readUW(0x0274)
    if fr ~= 0 then fr = 32768/fr end
    fr = math.floor((fr * 10) + 0.5)/10
    mem = ipc.readUD(0x024C)
    memmb = math.floor((mem/1024) + 0.5)
    wnd.text(w, "Frame Rate " .. fr .. " fps\nVAS free " .. memmb .. " Mb")


-- Adjust timing to taste: 500 = 1/2 second
event.timer(500, "mytimer")



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I am using offset 024C Type S32 with FS WIndow checked 


I don't think there's any way of telling FS to save a different position for that window. But try re-positioning it, then saving a flight. Theoretically it MAY just get restored to the same place on a flight reload.


But don't hold me to it. If the ATIS and other messages can't be so re-positioned, then neither can these!



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