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Moving Maps with mouse from inside of diagram

Frankie Dee

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​My inquiry today has to do with trying to move the three diagram(Airfield Actual photo from above, Airport Diagram, and Approach Diagram from within them so that I can see more or less of the diagram in places that I specifically would like to zoom in or out at. Not just a centerline zoom in/out. I know that I have done this in the past but it has been a while since I have played and I have tried most of the things in my Mouse/Keyboard Settings File, just to no avail. So any help would be greatly appreciative.

Thank You and Good Handling,



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Not sure that I completely understand your question.  If you hold down the center/scrollwheel button on your mouse, then you can scroll around the airport as well as on the ground radar screen (this does not work on the approach radar screen).  Is this what you meant?



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Using the mouse I am able to zoom in and out (on the airport view only), but unable to scroll around - move the view up/down or left right. I am running Tower! 2011 downloaded from Wild Tangent - is that the culprit? Also if it matters, I'm running Windows 8.1 and have Logitech M705 mouse (my touchpad acts just like the mouse).


Thanks for your help!



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