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  1. crbascott

    Current version of Real Traffic for Tower3d

    I'd recommend purchasing from FeelThere as members who have purchased from JustFlight have experienced similar issues to what you are experiencing.
  2. crbascott

    Updates from Tower3D! Pro

    Good things come to those who wait. Or, as Axl Rose put it:
  3. crbascott

    KMCO Heavy Aircraft Issues

    Vic seemed to imply the next version will be a major rewrite - so I'm sure this will all be taken into consideration. Until then ... snippets. 🙂
  4. crbascott

    KMCO Heavy Aircraft Issues

    This is not a "heavy" issue. This is a gate availability issue indicated by the "no free terminal" messages in the log file. Planes with this message are in a virtual holding pattern until a gate at their terminal becomes available. All this is related to the sim loading 8 hours worth of flights1 making gates a precious commodity. To further prove that this issue is not just related to heavies, at the end of your session you had the following arrivals with the "no free terminal" message: JBU1914 - A320 UAL730 - B752 VIR15 - B744 DAL1061 - B752 SIL97 - SF34 TAM8086 - B773 DAL956 - B752 JBU1527 - A320 DLH464 - B744. Departures are also affected by the loading of 8 hours of traffic. If the gates fill up, some departures are dropped altogether from the schedule. The flights show up in the log with a "Airplane dropped, no declared terminal" message. In your log the following departure flights were dropped : DAL32, VIR16, DL465, TAM8087, EIN120, TAM8055, UPS3327. This issue has been around since Tower!2011 and the workaround for it and now Tower!3D and Tower!3D Pro has been to create schedule files that contain just a few hours of flights. In my custom schedules this is why I provide snippets. Craig 1 Apparently there is a customer base that likes to play marathon sessions and that is why FeelThere loads so many hours of flights. Personally, I don't understand this type of play but to each their own. But, again, there is a negative impact to the "sane" player to appease the binge players.
  5. a) Non-Pro doesn't have multiplayer b) For best results, the same airport version is needed c) Real Traffic is not required, but if used it should be the same. Any custom files used need to be the same. d) Real Color is not required for multiplayer. Contact Tower!
  6. Hello again Controllers! With KLAX being the most played airport in the Tower series thus far, I figured I was long overdue in releasing a custom schedule. And of course, it's not just one schedule but 7 days of chaos and Southern California fun. 🙂 As always, my schedules are real and based on downloaded information from FlightAware. To avoid duplicate flight number issues a few flight numbers were changed, but no animals or movie starts were harmed in the making of the schedules. The schedules are full of passenger, GA, and cargo flights - enough to easily fill up the shortage of available gates. The chart below illustrates the day-by-day commercial and GA traffic included in the daily schedules. I've also created a custom terminal file that should more accurately represent the gates and terminals currently used at KLAX. Additionally, I've included updated airlines and airports files - primarily to handle the widespread GA traffic. And what is a standard feature for my custom schedules, I've included snippet files for each day - optimized schedule files containing 3 hours of flights from the full schedule. For example, the snippet optimized for a 10:00 session start contains flights for the hours of 09, 10, and 11. What I've seen and experienced is that using a full day's schedule (Real Traffic or custom) causes flights to be dropped because of gate availability and delayed due to "no free terminal". By reducing the number of hours in the schedule, you can eliminate the dropped flights and get a richer more realistic flight volume experience. Attached to bottom of this post you'll find a zip file called klax_crbascott.zip that contains: Common files to be used for each of the 7 days: Updated terminal file - klax_terminal.txt Updated airlines file - klax_airlines.txt Updated airports file - klax_airports.txt Reference file for GA/charter airlines included in GA traffic - klax_charter_airlines.txt 7 folders containing the daily schedule files (10-Sunday, 11-Monday, 12-Tuesday, 13-Wednesday, 14-Thursday, 15-Friday, 16-Saturday). Within each folder you will find: Full custom schedule file for that day - klax_schedule.txt Full GA traffic file for that day - klax_gaandlocaltraffic.txt Folders containing snippet schedule files (both commercial and GA) for the hours 06 thru 22. I'd recommend unzipping klax_crbascott.zip into your KLAX folder. It will create a crbascott sub-folder with the above mentioned contents. As always, please remember to backup your original Real Traffic files - the current version of sp6v8b is recommended. Feel free to contact me on this forum or Discord with questions, comments, and/or issues. ENJOY!! Craig (crbascott) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are interested in multiplayer action and haven't yet joined us at Tower_MP, check out the following post for more information. https://forum.simflight.com/topic/83242-tower_mp-meeting-place-for-the-multiplayer-community/ Previous custom schedules: KPHX - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85555-custom-schedules-for-kphx-~-by-crbascott-~-7-daily-schedules/ KLAS - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84804-custom-schedules-for-klas-~-by-crbascott-~-7-daily-schedules/ KSAN - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84788-custom-schedule-for-ksan-~-by-crbascott-~-bonus-files-included/ KJFK - https://forum.simflight.com/topic/84721-custom-schedule-for-kjfk-~-by-crbascott-~-bonus-files-included/ Next custom schedule: KJFK - 7 daily schedules ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Updated on August 10, 2018 for Mas Carga related fixes. klax_crbascott_v3.zip
  7. User error on my end - I am getting the 72% loading error now. It is definitely an issue with the airlines file. @hexzed has done a lot of customization here so it may be difficult to pinpoint the airline(s) causing the issue.
  8. I'm getting the 72% loading error now - user error on my end. Don't think this is the issue - that's the way it is with Real Traffic.
  9. Well, I didn't download the original and only have the latest - even though it is version 1.0. Again, it works fine for me so I think the issue is somehow specific to you are your system/setup. If it was a schedule issue, we'd all have the same problem.
  10. Yes, thankfully we can customize custom schedules to match what we have from a RC perspective. But to be clear, my schedules are tuned to use an available plane with a RC livery instead of the "correct plane" if no livery is available. For LAX, I probably changed 40-50 "correct planes" for each daily schedule.
  11. I looked at your log and there are some exception errors when trying to load up the airplanes. I can't recreate your issue. I did notice your graphics card is rather weak. I'm grasping at straws, but the only two things I can think of to try is (1) changing all your graphics settings to Low or (2) reinstall EDDM.
  12. What are your weather settings? Stormy/foggy can (not always) cause the loading to freeze at 72%. Normally turning reflections off, fixes this issue.
  13. crbascott


    You've been on the forum since the beginning of the year. Is this a new problem or have you struggled with this the entire time?
  14. I believe FeelThere mentioned under normal circumstances they assign the runway based on parking assignments (the runway closer to the plane's gate). However, under busier times I think it become a little more more random based on separation. I have seen that issuing the ENTER FINAL RUNWAY command on on arrival before the following arrival appears on the DBRITE can definitely delay when the the following arrival spawns. And with the sim's focus on separation, I wouldn't be surprised if it impacts the following arrival's runway either.
  15. crbascott

    Problem with one gate at KATL

    I did a little searching and couldn't find a post for this specific gate, but gate issues are not uncommon. I'm sure that is what Joe was so "politely" referring to. An SP for KATL is long overdue, so if/when it is worked on I'm sure they'll include this in the items to be fixed. Thanks for the post.
  16. crbascott

    Real Colour for KSFO missing textures

    If you move those two files to your Texurepacks folder you'll be up and running.
  17. crbascott

    TOWER!3D: Real Color KBOS for KPHL?

  18. I use airframes.org and they have Mas Carga with MY. Normally they are reliable, but looks like they may have missed this one. I quit using iata.org because it doesn't appear to be an exhaustive list, member airlines only. Thanks for the heads up.
  19. Air Jamaica, As @jonas243said, we have to make sacrifices because of current data limitations. If someone wanted to spend the time, they'd find more flights like this in my schedules and all the other custom schedules available. Also, at LAX we weren't given any cargo gates so we have to use the small number of GA gates for both GA and cargo. If I moved all the true cargo flights to Terminal_GA they'd never show up because of a lack of gates (No Free Terminal).
  20. Whatever makes you happy, it will be a white airplane no matter what you do. 🙂
  21. It's not a Maxjet, lol - it's actually a Mas Air Cargo. Maxjet was included with Real Traffic and I added Mas Air Cargo. Apparently, the IATA code for both is/was MY. Thanks to your critical eye, I have now removed the Maxjet entry from the airlines file. You can use the attached updated airlines file or re-download the entire zip. klax_airlines.txt
  22. crbascott

    Updates from Tower3D! Pro

    Like wine, Tower!3D Pro improves with age. 🙂🍷
  23. crbascott

    TOWER!3D: Real Color KBOS for KPHL?

    You are under the right impression, but the A332 for AAL does not appear in the schedule for KBOS and therefore it is not in the RC for KBOS. If you want the AAL A332 to have color at KPHL you'll need to buy one of the following RC packages: EDDM, KMCO, KPHL, KPHX, or KSFO. FYI - KBOS includes AAL liveries for the following planes: A319, A320, A321, B738, B752, E190. Craig PS - How's Ethel?

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