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  1. Yes, feelthere.com and atcsuite.com are both FeelThere sites and payments go through BMT Micro.
  2. Probably need to share screenshots of your folders/contents to figure out where your issue is.
  3. No. Just point the RT installer to your root T!3DP folder.
  4. @FeelThere Hey Vic, I know these images reflect a work in progress but what is that "thing" that appears to sitting atop what kinda looks like a control tower at KLAX?
  5. Again, departures are the key for a session starting "on time". Add some departures near the top of the hours and you'll have better luck. If you want or need further assistance, feel free to post your custom schedule.
  6. Actually Tom, you need to try a little harder. 😀 You need to expand some links/sections to see what @Salad is showing. It's all there and more.
  7. Check out https://nyartcc.org/znywiki/index.php/LGA_SOP
  8. Need more specifics including the game version, airport, and the schedule you are playing. Tower!3D Pro always starts with a departure so it can do strange things if you choose a session start time where traffic is light.
  9. Real Traffic provides realistic airplane models, airlines, and schedules. Real Color provides realistic liveries. If you want paint schemes you'll need to acquire one or more Real Color packs. Although the Real Color packs are produced for each airport, the liveries in a pack can be seen at other airports (assuming there is a plane/model in the schedule). For example, you only have RC for KLAX and it includes a AAL/B738. You'll see color for any airport with an AAL/B738 in the schedule. As a result, if you get a new airport I recommend to play that airport first and if you decide there are too many white planes then buy the RC pack for it. Otherwise, save a few bucks.
  10. Vic said they are building all the airports for the next version from scratch so an issue list is unnecessary.
  11. @hartleecub It's not a mystery if you bought RC for KSEA.
  12. I wouldn't call a nonfunctional international terminal a cosmetic issue. Nevertheless, this bug being a low priority is expected as this has been the case since KATL was released in 2017. Based on the T!3D airports deliveries, I think it is good decision to build all airports for the next version from scratch. Kudos.
  13. Hmmm - I see that now ... I guess I misunderstood the email from FT advertising the release. Wow, what a disappointment. As long as it took ND to deliver, seems like a basic schedule would have been included ... really limits the audience for this product it would seem. I just updated RT and see a retro airports file though ... not sure why that was necessary. Very baffling product release indeed! EDIT: Looking all the way back to the initial post in December 2019 gauging interest in this project I see where it was mentioned a schedule would not be included. So, like it or not this was known from the get go.
  14. Is there a reason you can’t use the RT retro schedule as a template?
  15. Now that we’ve had a Retro Pack released I wonder if there is any chance we can get an SP on a “retro” airport - KATL. Or has that ship sailed? Would love to see some flights in/out of the International Terminal. Historically @FeelThere has been diligent about fixing terminal/gate issues (the recent PHNL SP is a good example). Not sure why this one never made the cut.
  16. Things in life you can count on: death, taxes, and @Braf123456. 🤣 Hey @FeelThere, he said please. That means you have to do it. 😉
  17. Looks like you are going to be $9.99 USD poorer. But, I'm sure the emotional benefit will be priceless. 🤑
  18. Real Traffic (which you need to update) comes with a “retro” schedule.
  19. That would be a new discovery if the TAKE NEXT AVAILABLE command was only accepted by certain aircraft. I've always thought the command success rate was based more on timing (command issued between touchdown and successful landing message, if I'm not mistaken).
  20. I think you’re reading more into the question. It was about using the heavy phrase, basically to add to the immersion of the game. Just like stating the wind on the takeoff command - it does nothing in the game.
  21. Based on this description I think you’d be better off playing the current version and waiting patiently for the next version where I’m sure the heavy phrase will be included.
  22. If you set the permissions correctly, saving to an interim folder is unnecessary.
  23. I was told it was on short final. 🤣
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