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  1. Yep, sadly with the game's flaws you have to sacrifice reality for playability. That's why what I used to think was a sim is now just a game.
  2. Yep, they are only operating on the east side right now due to the lower traffic levels. Actually, If you want to try and replicate real life this is from the KDFW D-ATIS - "ALL ACFT LNDG RWY 17C EXIT LEFT AT P2". They take the high speed exit at P2 and then take the P, ES, JS loop. Not sure if the game will handle this left exit very well though.Plus, this game doesn't recognize a high speed exit as all planes come to a stop. Regarding 17L landings, it would be best to post a log file and then we can determine where the issue is and if there is a possible solution. More than likely it is a bug. I have my doubts it will get fixed but if it's airport related maybe there's a slim chance. During the interim you could try just issuing a TAXI TO TAMP VIA ER command and see what route it draws. Then as it approaches P, try sending it around the loop.
  3. Yes - anyone and everyone with the non-Steam version has this issue.
  4. For each Real Color pack there are two files. So, no, don't remove either one of them. For KPHL, you are looking for airplanes_texpack02 and airplanes_texpack02.manifest. Note: the number in the filename could just be 2 instead of 02.
  5. Also, you never want to buy from atcsuite.com because you always have to pay full price. Feelthere.com has occasional sales. Caveat emptor.
  6. Heathrow or the next version? Which one would you really like to see?
  7. Yep, there's a lot of unrealistic workarounds one can do. But as these have kept keep adding up what was once a simulation has become just a game. Until something changes? What is possibly going to change?
  8. If you start a session at 05:00, the game looks back approximately 15 minutes to find a departure. If there are no departures between 04:45 and 05:00 it then fast forwards to the first departure. So, to directly answer your question, nothing happens between 05:00 and 05:50.
  9. @EliGrim My statement was definitely not addressed to you. As @Pedantic G mentioned, I was referring to the current state of air travel. My stance on community developed freeware schedules/tools is “you get what you get and don’t throw a fit”. So, what you do and when you do it is is totally up to you and you should not be pressured. Sadly, there are members that aren’t appreciate of what people do in their spare time. I’m definitely not one of those, and although I’m disappointed you would think I would call you out, I’m going to chalk it up as a translation issue.
  10. @Braf123456 - its amazing what you can learn when you pay attention. @mjkerr - Braf didn’t include the game in the subject line (who pays attention to forum rules anyway) but he’s talking about T!3D which always starts with a departure. Since you mention Heathrow, your experience must be from T!2011 which in this case is not applicable.
  11. Actually now that I think about it, @EliGrim's schedule builder tool might be the best option until traffic volumes return to normal. Although, sadly, this may take much longer than we'd all like.
  12. He better had started on it a few months ago, because using current flight schedules is going to suck! Today, EKCH only had 27 departures and 27 arrivals for the whole day according to FlightAware.
  13. Let's hope there's enough air traffic at some point to make building realistic custom schedules a worthwhile effort.
  14. Not questioning the flights - just the timing/duration. A 1 hour 50 minute "round trip" is not possible.
  15. Are you sure you are downloading and saving it in the correct location? For Steam, the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower 3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\OMDB For non-Steam, the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields\OMDB If your installed location is different, you'll need to find your Tower root directory and go from there.
  16. 😀 My 😀 bad. 😀 I 😀 totally 😀 misinterpreted 😀 the 😀 seriousness 😀 of 😀 your 😀 post. 😀
  17. How is this more real life? (1) Until you issue a taxi command you don't know the plane's actual gate or if it is occupied. This is far from realistic and a must fix in the next version. (2) Where does this "blocking the gate" feedback come from? Have we now introduced a virtual supervisor/assistant because it is definitely not coming from the pilot? (C) Sure you can move the plane and hold it somewhere but you won't "wait a while" - you'll never be able to get it to the gate and end up getting penalty points every 15 minutes. Because if it's all about being realistic - deleting the plane is not an option. Sadly sitting on the "tarmac" for hours makes the news and is not necessarily uncommon, but I'm sure this is not a feature the developers wish to introduce.
  18. I thought it was the latter. I've seen this issue on very rare occasions at other airports, but EDDF is the first airport where I've seen this issue reported by multiple people on multiple occasions (I believe it has been mentioned on both Steam and Discord). Hopefully it is an airport issue, otherwise it won't get fixed. Since the controller has no control over gate assignments (not sure we even know the gate that this plane is/was supposed to go to), there's nothing we can do to rectify the situation (other than deleting the plane) despite what the error message says. It's obviously a bug or scenario that is not being handled correctly. So, what's it gonna be FeelThere? Potentially fixed in an SP or possibly a next version item? Either way, it would be nice to hear what scenario causes this issue. I did notice a "new" error message I've never seen before associated with "term_B11" in the log file (knot offset error). Not sure if it is significant because a plane appeared to use that gate during the session. I'm curious @DeltaVII, are you using a full schedule versus a snippet? The large number of airplane dropped and no free terminal messages would indicate a full schedule which just magnifies the gate availability issues prevalent with this version. Not saying a snippet is the solution to the above at all, but it could help the overall experience of @battlehawk77's labor of love. By the time the session ended there were 20+ flights circling the Frankfurt area waiting for a gate to open up. 🙁
  19. Real life is a @#$%& right now.
  20. If that's the OFFICIAL process moving forward - I would suggest the first post be updated with a current list of airports. There's been a few airports released and quite a few bugs reported in other threads since "the area designated for that" was created.
  21. Is this what you are talking about? WISHLIST NUMBER: 29WISHLIST ITEM: String/combine commands togetherWISHLIST DETAILS: The current process is basically one command, one transmission. I would like to see the ability to string/combine commands together. Simple examples would be issuing a taxi via and hold short together -and- issuing a cross runway and contact ground together.
  22. There's no difference between the game.log and output_log.txt file, so either will do.
  23. Multiple monitors has no impact on the ability to produce the output_log.txt file.
  24. You've described different scenarios ... I don't really see how the three are related other than the scenarios could be handle better. RJTT - I've seen this occur in the past but rarely. For whatever reason, it seems to be an issue at RJTT as it has been mentioned multiple times. Would have to see the log file to understand exactly what is happening in this situation. KATL - are you talking a plane crash or game crash? Bottom line, the plane landed and there was a gate was available. Different scenario all together. KJFK - for all airports a plane won't land if a gate ins not available. For your custom schedule you need to strategically time the departures and arrivals. It doesn't matter the size of the airport ... from TIST to KLAX ... gate availability is an issue and will continue to be for all airports released for this version.
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