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  1. Everyone that buys a FeelThere ATC product should definitely sign up and join the forum.
  2. OK, but not sure how just copying the T!3D folder got your stats too (since they are in the registry).
  3. It’s not in the log file, so it must not have accepted the command.
  4. Here's an excerpt from the end of your log file of the only place I saw where you issued a contact departure command. The problem is that you haven't issued a takeoff command to IBE3177 yet. You've only instructed it to line up and wait. As a result, the hand-off to departure is premature. 16:08:23 - TOWER: IBE3177 LINE UP AND WAIT COMMAND HANDLING: IBE3177 - LINE UP AND WAIT Pilot said: - LINE UP AND WAIT IBERIA THREE ONE SEVEN SEVEN 16:08:23 -8288,1490,0[9R] - IBE3177: LINE UP AND WAIT IBE3177 THY1971 - STATE: Waiting 16:08:51 - TOWER: IBE3177 CONTACT DEPARTURE COMMAND HANDLING: IBE3177 - CONTACT DEPARTURE Pilot said: - Negative! 16:08:51 -8010,1904,0[9R] - IBE3177: Negative!
  5. Even the hours controlled and points? You sure about that?
  6. To be honest, I don't think any of these polls would be classified as scientific thus not representative of the entire customer base.
  7. Yep, you're going to get a -100 point penalty if you don't hand-off to departure within 20 nm. Typo? Click on the plane, press CTRL-D (hotkey), and then SEND (or press enter). If that doesn't work, attach a log file.
  8. The commands are slightly different between T!2011 and T!3D... other than that I would be just wildly guessing without more details.
  9. I'd recommend starting with the T!2011 manual. It is pretty good and goes into great detail on using the plane and airport editors. Of course, you'll need some graphics software that can create TGA files. Regarding schedules, the setup for T!2011 is a little different from T!3D as there is only one schedule file for all airports. As a result, the creation and sharing of custom schedules really didn't happen. I believe you can use T!3D schedules with T!2011 and there was also a schedule creator program written by Dick Parker that would create a schedule for you based on a few pieces of input. The drawback is the data used to build the schedules is at least 4-5 years old.
  10. @Gil If it's malfunctioning, this game is way past the stage of getting it fixed. All of FeelThere's ATC game engines are past the point of development support. Hopefully you'll get an answer to its function if that is what you seek. To be honest, I moved on from this dial 4 or 5 years ago ... I figured if it didn't do anything obvious I didn't need it. 😀
  11. Other than seeing the dial do something, your test wouldn't add any functionality to what you already have at your fingertips. You can set the range rings as low as 2nm if you want, so I'm not sure why you would say it didn't go well. Let's take a difference approach. Instead of trying to figure out what a dial can do, let me ask a question. What hole or void in your setup are you trying to fill? What do you need or hope this dial can do for you that will make your job as a controller easier? PS - There is just a general blurb on the control panel in the manual with no specific details on the dials. I've looked at another realistic Tracon sim and I don't see anything that correlates to this dial. Vic, @FeelThere, is probably the only one around that can shed any light on what this dial does or does not do.
  12. This is quite common, I’ve especially noticed it for American Airlines and their regional carriers. I think we’ve referred to these as turnaround flights in previous discussions. I believe the game handles these somewhat ok now in most cases (T!2011 didn’t handle these at all), although just to be safe I would alter these flight numbers in my custom schedules to not have any duplicate flight numbers at all in order to reduce the risk of dropped flights. Obviously, the flights details you provided above are still an issue.
  13. @EliGrim & @scoobflight, For a period of time, Nyerges Design released Real Traffic and Real Color titles with expiration dates. This was discussed in a thread starting with this post: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/85958-early-look-major-update-new-liveries-for-lax-locally-t3d-pro/?do=findComment&comment=521308 Not sure if this is the OP's problem or not - depends on the purchase date. "Hackers" may be the issue now, but that hasn't always been this case.
  14. @Will10119 & @scoobflight, KEWR has not been released for Tower!3D Pro.
  15. It’s been mentioned before, but so has next level graphics. These two items seem to conflict from my point of view.
  16. I assume this is for LAX. Shouldn't you be landing them on 25L and 26R?
  17. Y'all are practically neighbors - you should get together and figure this out in person. 😉 @LarryJ2112 I have an older PC like you and also use multiple screens. In my experience with T!3D Pro, the key to keeping the frame rate up is to keep the main screen the active window as much as possible. Any time I click on the ADIRS and keep the focus on the the ADIRS window, the game slows to a crawl. That's a bit of an exaggeration but I've timed the game clock and it can easily take a minute or more of actual time to complete 30 seconds of game time. Even with focus on the main window, the best I can hope for is around 56 seconds of game time in a minute of actual clock time. The game could use some tuning - hopefully we'll see that in the next version. So again, try to keep the focus on the main window as much as possible and you should see better results and might even be able to up your graphics settings.
  18. On the Jeppesen chart for Rwys 15, 33 Omnidirectional Departures it reads "climb on runway track to 4700', upon reaching resume own navigation as filed". Assuming this is what you are talking about, basically what I was going to suggest is what you've already done with the OD15 and OD33 SIDs you created. Now I think that leaves you with two options: (1) add another leg to the SID and choose an exit point somewhere to the west or (2) leave the SIDs asis and as a controller turn the planes west near the end point of the SID. Option 1 would have planes all fly the exact same routes when heading west and option 2 would be a little more dynamic (ie., you can choose a heading that might be more appropriate for the destination).
  19. I wasn't referring to the cost - that's not an issue at all. I just think the Concorde would help sell it. As a non-retro guy there is nothing in the original list (I'm not slamming the original list by any means) that makes me say "I gotta have this". The Concorde would at least make me think about it.
  20. Firstly, that's one heck of a desktop background you have there. Secondly, I definitely see your issue now. Fortunately, I do not have nor have I ever experienced that problem. Unfortunately for you, it is probably something specific to your system. Considering the age of Tracon, maybe your system is too good. Who knows, but an obvious troubleshooting step would be to adjust graphics settings to see if that changes anything. Thirdly, I got nuthin'. Just wanted to say thirdly. 😀 Again, good luck with this.
  21. Sorry, the video wasn't real clear to me as I haven't experienced your issue. Good luck with this.
  22. As does how much money he makes from this. 🤑
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