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  1. If they are truly “offering this version as a training tool for Universities, students and air traffic control centers” then the functionality and operational scope will need to be expanded immensely (way more than what we asked for in the wish list) and, accordingly, the AI will have to be flexible enough and grow/improve by leaps and bounds to handle the “endless” scenarios these types of environments require. I personally expect the new version to still be more in line with the "game" genre but I will be more than happy to be “shocked”.
  2. The new version is supposed to have an editor so you should be able to create all the airports you want.
  3. If the one airport was EGLL you'd be singing a different tune. 🤣
  4. Tower! Simulator 3. https://feelthere.com/june-developer-blog-for-tower-simulator-3-0/
  5. Gabor, please look into the issue again. He doesn’t have Real Traffic.
  6. Yep, Real Traffic needs some serious TLC. Hopefully, the next version will address the RT/RC concept.
  7. Good deal. Glad it is working. Confirms that a fix will be needed by @nyergesdesign. FYI - Real Traffic has the following entry for LTFM but I think the coordinates you are using are fine. IST ISTAMBUL_AIRPORT_TURKEY 41.16 N 28.45 E LTFM
  8. As a potential workaround, copy the zbad_airports.txt file from the ZBAD folder to your LTFM folder. Then rename that file to ltfm_airports.txt. Load the game and let us know what happens.
  9. The installer doesn't create an icon on the desktop. So you'll need to create one yourself. Assuming you installed the game in the default folder. Using File Explorer, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro Right click and copy tower3d.exe Go to your desktop, right click and select Paste shortcut Right click on the shortcut you just created and select Properties Click on the Advanced button and then check the Run as administrator checkbox Click OK, then click Apply, then click OK. To run the game, double click the icon/shortcut and
  10. I don't have the ZBAD airport, but usually those text files are installed by Real Traffic. However, maybe those files were included to actually make ZBAD work since it is a fairly new airport and may not be included in the base game. @FeelThere @FeelThere Ariel Could you speak to if/why ZBAD included an airports and schedule file as part of the install? Maybe, all @nyergesdesign needs to do is include an updated ltfm_airports.txt file as part of the LTFM installer and all is well.
  11. OK, now I'm confused. You say you have no mods but then you say you have zbad_airports.txt and zbad_schedule.txt which would indicate you have Real Traffic. If this is the case, you need to update your Real Traffic to get the latest version which includes "real" files for LTFM. If you use Real Traffic, the 54% loading issue should go away. However for those that don't have Real Traffic, I would assume the 54% would still be a problem.
  12. The OP specifically mentioned running no mods. The error message would seem to indicate an issue with the default built in schedule. @Pheesus, can you try running this airport with various start times and report back if/when the game doesn’t freeze at 54%? This might help pinpoint where the issue in the schedule lies. Ultimately, this issue will need to be fixed by @nyergesdesign (assuming it is a schedule issue).
  13. Going back to your original post and question - is there any way to fix this? If we assume this is a bug, then the answer is no and accept things as they are. The developer stopped releasing fixes over 3 years ago. However, if we want to continue diving into this and try to understand what the density slider might actually be doing then we can keep going. I would suggest running two sessions with the same start time and for similar lengths, one at 100% and the other around 50-60%. After each session save the output_log.txt file from the tower3d_Data folder and post both files here. We can t
  14. They also seem to be spending time building airports for MSFS and XP.
  15. Can you tell us what hour you are playing, your density setting, and post a log file?
  16. Just like you would for non-Steam. You run the installer, enter your product key (code), and install the DLC to the appropriate folder.
  17. Nothing was said about purchasing them via Steam - the OP specifically mentioned ATCSuite.
  18. @lricig You definitely have a honked up installation. As @scoobflight commented your post is a little confusing, so it would probably help to clear up exactly what airports/DLCs you have. Additionally, posting a log file may help confirm if/what in your installation has gone wrong.
  19. Obviously, still an issue. https://steamcommunity.com/app/588190/discussions/0/3122660456803039000/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/588190/discussions/0/3105775128743160943/
  20. ANA? I have to assume this is a fantasy schedule. Pushback problems are a common theme for the game engine and airports. Some gates/pushbacks just won't work. So, no real solution other than maybe trying smaller planes.
  21. Actually joining the Discord server will be your best bet (see invite below - good for 7 days). Historically, the forum has not been a good place for multiplayer support. People will give you "real time" help on the Discord server which is what you need, assuming folks are available. In addition I'd recommend checking out https://portforward.com/ to learn about the "2112 stuff". https://discord.gg/hU6hfPNs
  22. I built my schedules from FlightAware and always found that the charter name was included on the flight information page.
  23. @Ron C You only need IATA codes if you plan to put them in the commercial schedule and park at a terminal. In most cases I would just use the GA schedule since most of the charter flights use GA areas. You can still use the charter call sign in the GA schedule, so I never saw the need or had a reason to create dummy IATA codes and add those flights to the commercial schedule.
  24. I think it is due more to the runway layout than a bug. That’s why in real life they do arrivals on 27R and departures on 27L to avoid separation issues. And then if you try to add 26 to the mix, you’re just asking for trouble.
  25. Yep, but without a redesigned (and I assume expanded) Terminal 3 the loss of gates just means more flights end up not showing up. Hopefully the next version will deliver as promised and with editing tools we can future proof things (or add thing the devs left out). @Ron C I doubt that was the point of @HappyNUyear’s post but sure creating unreal IATA codes for cargo, charter,etc. is definitely an option at any airport/terminal. As one who likes to keep it real, I’m not a fan of this approach but to each their own.
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