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Tracon 2012: having problems trouble handing aircraft off

Dana Rippey

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I just bought Tracon 2012 and trying to figure the game out.  I watched a tutorial on YouTube and figured out how to get started, however, I'm having trouble handing aircraft off to the center as indicated in the manual.  It keeps telling me to send it over or to fly over the radar contact.  What does that mean?


I do radar contact as soon as aircraft is handed over.  This is on departures only mind you as I'm trying to get a feel for the game and how it works and the controls for the game.  I tell it to climb and maintain an altitude and once it reaches the hand off point or just before I tell it to contact center on the frequency listed and it then tells me "Mate, fly aircraft over radar contact" or some such thing.


I'm confused.  Anyone on multiplayer who wants to play and teach a newbie?



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Hi Dana,


First you must initiate the handoff by left clicking on the target once. It will then start to flash and hold a C in its datatag. (This would make the aircraft flash on the Centre's scope the same way they do it when handing off to you).


Once it has been accepted by centre then go ahead and give the frequency change.


See how that goes.



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