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Tower 2011: Plane Editor Blurry Liveries


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Has anyone tried creating liveries? I'd like to add QFA and UAE to the 388.


I've taken a screen shot of the generic 388 using the plane editor, saved it as a TGA file using paint shop pro including adding the alpha channel. At this point I haven't added the livery but just wanted to see if it works ok. It looks good in PSP but when adding it in the plane editor it looks blurry. The images have been 511 x 511 - about the size of the plane editor viewing window.


Do I need to create an image closer to 1024x1024 (the max indicated in the manual)? Anyone have a sample airplane TGA they are willing to share that I can use as a guide? Is there any way to extract the TGA file out of the existing APT files?


Thanks, Craig



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i use a "A380 schematic"(for examle) image from google at 1024x1024 as the 511px are blury like you say. you can then just add the color in photoshop

i may already have these livery's done on my other computer, i'll check next week and post them if i do



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