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repeat rate fsuipc3.08

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Hello Peter.

I have a problem with the repeat rate of the button programing in fsuipc.

I use a joystick pov for 8 functions using fsuipc, among others for engine starting. When upgrading to fs2004 and fsuipc 3.xx i had trouble starting the engines with my hardware.

Today I experimented to find a work around, but i noticed with my setup that when pressing a joystick button the repeat function only lasts for about 1 second and then stops repeating. It does not matter if i use the pov or any other joystick button. I tested with heading bug inc. end dec. and with trim up and down, but these show the same result as toggle starter x. All with repeat checked off course.

I checked gamecontrols to see if my game devices were working correctly, wich they did.

I checked with fs2002 and fsuipc 2.97 and the repeat works like a charm.

I then installed fsuipc 3.08 on fs2002 and the repeat problem was repeated ;-) so I came to the conclusion that the problem lies with fsuipc.

please let me know if there is anything I can do about it or if there wil be a fix.

Specs. FYI




ATI 9700

512 MB

fsuipc 3.08

using 4 logitech devices rebuilt into a radiostack, throttle quadrant and a yoke with rumble feedback.

(you can imagine I sort of depend on fsuipc :-) )

I checked the forum if my problem was already mentioned here but i only found a posting with you mentioning that you are not going to add a possibility to change the repeat rate.

In any case, thanks for fsuipc and your support, and (please) keep up the good work..

Kind regards

Ferry Herfst

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I have a problem with the repeat rate of the button programing in fsuipc.

I did provide a lengthy reply to this -- two in fact, one promising to check it and the second publishing the results. Both got lost along with the thread when SimFlight had to restore the database.

I found that the repeat doesn't work at all for me, except on PFC buttons. I think this got screwed up some time ago, so I'm surprised you even found it repeating for 1 second (I can't even make it do that!).

Anyway, I have fixed it here and it will be okay in the next version of FSUIPC (3.09) which I would expect to be released either this weekend or some time next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience!



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